'No Wobble' mod for V1?

In view of the discussion about bots problems in V2, I decided to install V1 again and experiment with mods for bots improvement.

This was not a problem. But I realized that I just can’t play V1 a lot again - my head hurts because of the shaking. After comfortable V2 with ‘No Wobble’ mod, enduring camera shake in V1 is very painful.

I just can’t remember and understand how I played V1 years ago.

So my question is: is there a separate analogue of the ‘No Wobble’ mod for Vermintide 1? I haven’t found it myself yet.

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There’s a No Wobble mod here, compatible with the QoL Modpack.

Also, what bot improvement mod are you using? Different Bots is the most recently updated and is being actively developed.

My rule is that there should be as few mods as possible - only the very minimum of critical necessary items. Because all my concerns about the stability of the М1 - 40% of my playing time is wasted due to crashes and disconnects. That even without any mods.

So now I install Vermintide Mod Framework (because it is convenient and I can easily delete everything) + Bot Improvements + Follow Host + ChatBlock.

Which version of VMF? Steam Workshop version or the original non-Steam Workshop version? If it’s the Steam Workshop version, Different Bots (updated version of Bot Improvements) won’t work on it, because it was made for the QoL modpack. You can get the Steam Workshop version of No Wobble here.

If it’s the original non-Steam Workshop version, then you can convert Different Bots to be used with it. The conversion process is a bit cumbersome if you’re not familiar with how it’s done.

Note that Vermintide 1 has three different types of mods: QoL modpack, VMF (original, non-Steam Workshop), and Steam Workshop VMF. All three are incompatible with each other. You can only use one at a time.

Thank you, but I can’t go to your link. Gives an error message: The item is marked as hidden or you do not have permission to view it.

That page will appear normally once you’ve enabled the Steam Workshop for V1. Are you using the original non-Steam Workshop version of VMF? If yes, then you should not use the Workshop version of No Wobble (as I’ve explained above, it won’t work with the original VMF). You need to manually convert the QoL version of No Wobble to work with the original VMF, or just use QoL modpack (simpler, as all you need to do is to transfer files).

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