Whats the point of playing on "Modded Realm" if nothing saves there?

So I was quite hyped on Modded Realm where we could get some crazy things, 2x bigger hordes, dual blunderbus wields etc etc. as well it’s modded realm so all up to imagination.

But hearing that nothing saves there I ask what’s the point of playing there? If I play on modded realm and can’t save my items, rerolls etc. why to even bother playing?

I don’t understand you Fatshark- are you so afraid a large portion of your playerbase would jumo to Modded Realm instead of official that you had to go for it?

Make it so that on modded realm you have seperate save than on official realm. This way modders would have to play in their realm to have access to all the loot they got (from games or mods) while not having that in Official Realm.

Right now there is simply no point playing modded realm apart from maybe testing stuff.


It’s because of the possibility of some “cheat” mod that would give a lot of items to the players.

They stated tho (read the patch notes) that they will examinate mods per mods and, when possible, allow some mods to be enable into the Official Realm (so QoL mods will be for sure, etc…)

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For me it’s primary function now is weapon testing and damage values. Otherwise I am waiting for whitelist.

But it’s primary function, suddenly, is to allow modders to create their mods, so that they could get white-listed later on.


Uh, for fun? Nodded realm is going to be incredible for getting together with a few friends, having a few brewskis, and trying random mods together. Heck I’d play endless horde mode for hours just for the fun of it.

Separate progression would be all right, but then again that might suck for the people who just pop over to modrealm every now and then and want to be able to use their regular character and loadout.

If those people must stick to Modded Realm (because sperate saves) that would not be a problem, no?

It is the possible trollish scope of the mods that is the key problem. Given enough time someone will come up with the “Press F1 for all REDS and COSMETICS mod.” if transferable loot is a thing, official game would be killed so fast.


I know, but what I am saying is make it transferable, aka server saved only on modded realm. So you won’t carry that into official realm, you have to stay on modded one to have it, but at least it will save your progress, mods etc.

Right now it does not so there is point into that modded realm.

For example in many MMOs you had private servers with 50x xp etc. but people could only play there, never transfer. But if only people who like it play there- whats the problem>?

It also opens up an end game. You might have gotten all the gear you want, but want to try some of the new difficulties (or something more) that modders have made, no need for loot because you’ve got the ‘good stuff’ already, but want to expand upon the challenge.


That still doesn’t make sense why on Modded Realm there is no seperate server save. If it opens up an end game- what stops you from allowing seperate save.

For example I would love to see modded weapons like LongBow for Saltz or Blunderbuss for Slayer or just changed weapons with modded dmg, cleave and attacks.

Sadly since Modded Realm does not save items and progress- it’s pointless to try such things.

It’s not pointless to play on modded realms. Progress and getting loot isn’t everything.
Heck, I’m exploring the options for making scaling deeds like M+ in WoW. You don’t get loot beyond +15 in that yet many groups still try to push it.
Why? Because it’s something else to do and it’s a challenge.

You know, it sucks being a modder when your mod, that you have spent countless hours on and polished endlessly to make sure it works well, isn’t deemed worth playing in its own right, unless something shiny comes along with it. That is what makes modding feel pointless on this side of the fence.

Also, they’ll be allowing sanctioned mods on the live servers. So some good QoL, and maybe even bot and weapons mods will be allowed along progress eventually if they make some fair modifications that don’t skew gameplay too much.


why you don’t try the mod creature spawner and practice how to kill a lot of enemies alone in legend for example: 5 chaos warriors + horde, patrol + horde, boss + specials… your teammates will appreciate it

Mod realm won’t save those things on fatshark servers, but I imagine they could be saved locally to your machine by the mod itself. I’ll have to play around with it myself and see.

I might go out on a limb here, but I would guess, because it is… I don’t know… fun, you know?


This makes no sense. There’s no dupe protection or bad luck protection in the game, the odds of anyone ever getting everything they want is absolutely miniscule.

Just as with the incredibly heavy handed EAC, your approach to modding would be more appropriate if this was a competitive PvP game.

Without seperate saves and progression in the mod realm, the mod realm will never be of any interest to the vast majority of players, and thus wasted work both on the part of FS and of the modders.


Well, I’m gonna try to be precise here, from what I understood :
Modded Realm is NOT supposed to be an alternative to Official Realm.
But it still has many uses, which are :
-Modders can show their QoL mod to the community to get feedback before Fatshark allow those mods into Official Realm
-Players can just have fun with stupid mods (like trying to survive a boss horde and see who last the longest)
-Content creator can use it to spawn everything they need easier
-It will trivialize build-making as you will be able to see breakpoint and try out fancy stuff (there is already a mod that make all your weapon properties considered as red, coupled with the mob spawner mod, you can see how many hit you need with max stat on everymobs)

So yeah, you won’t be going into Modded Realm to play the game like in Official Realm.
You will go there with friend to have fun, or to test out a new build, use it as a training ground, etc… This is no place for progression


And that is what is stupid. Would you like to play Modded Fallout or Skyrim etc. knowing nothing will save?

They made big fuss about mods support but they put so many restrictions into it like it’s PvP game.

Allow players who want to play heavy modded games to play in modded realm, have seperate save there and have fun.

As it is right now I see no sense in Modded Realm. It’s stupid idea without save.


The Modded realm is the “feeder” for the Official realm. Quality mods will rise to the top as people who play the game for the enjoyment of it use/share them. Despite the cautious language of the mod guide posted recently, Robin (dev focused on all things mod-related) has confirmed that mods beyond QoL tweaks can/will be whitelisted. So that’s stuff like Deathwish and other popular “game mode” mods.

If you can’t live without getting some loot/levels, or you just don’t enjoy the gameplay enough to play without being rewarded with imaginary items, then you can hang tight until the mods you might like to play are whitelisted.

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Modded realm is DOA for me since no loot there and none of the mods have been whitelisted. May as well not exist.

All because some perceived problem with cheating in a non competitive, non PVP, PVE CO OP game.


Oh well! I’ll be in the modded realm, enjoying new challenges like this mod that just went live last night: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1401467162


Great! And If I get chests or reroll my items for those awesome challanges - game won’t save it so I will have to do it again and again each time I play game? And if I do challange and open my chest- I won’t get anything from it at all.

It JUST DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. If Modded Realm had seperate save I would not be able to take any of those items to Official Realm anyway so why the hell there is no save for Modded Realm?

It’s just stupid to put restriction like that when you already have seperate Realms for Modded and Official…

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