Has Patch broken my mods?

So, I’d not killed rats for one single day and when I returned I noticed that with the introduction of new patch I can’t see any of the mods I use.
Is it a common bug, have the devs change sumthing?
Is there a simple fix to the problem or I got to reinstall and tweak all my mods again?

They work fine for me, had to disable “notice pickup” so far because it messed up with new weather feature. Did you check they are checked on the mods list from the launcher?

Well, I’ve noticed that I had all flags removed.
I enabled them but all my settings are gone…
Is there any way I can find my old settings - I’ve spent hours tweaking GUI…

It’s fixed.

I get some errors but no gamebreaking bugs that I’ve noticed.

Check the rest of your game settings and keybindings. If they are all gone, you’ve likely just been unlucky. I and some friends have all had this happen.

Well, I ended up spending around 2 hrs tweaking my ui mode.
Now the game looks as it should.

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hey! this gets very annoying The Party Knife and J-Sat have you tube channels showing how to save your ui (with UI Tweaks) not sure if this will help you in future when another patch inevitably drops… as for other mods apart from the ones that save loadouts I have unchecked and rechecked all the approved mods in workshop and now I don’t crash even with key pickup notice that use to wipe the weather effects… maybe worth trying?!

I just took several screenshots - When you know where all GUI elements are it does not take a lot of time to restore it.

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