UI Tweaks

I simply can’t that makes really iffy.

My Daily Quest: check out the mod’s page.
Shed a tear.

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Now I just hope I can play the game before xmases/ new year…

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Well, no rat shaped presents for me this xmas…

New Year? Nope.

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Another Xmas? Nope.
Let’s hope for the Lunar Festival now.

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Fatshark, approve this mod! Why that doesn’t happen? :grimacing:
He works fine in the Modded Realm.

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yeah rip

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I play with a 34" ultrawide monitor and the UI is poorly designed for ultrawide. I know this is a common issue in most if not all games, but in a fast-paced hardcore game like this, it’s essential to have a good UI. Without UI customization the game is 10 times harder to play. Not to mention most problems with the current UI are not specific to ultrawide/large monitors.

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