Modded realm

Are there really no plans for modded realm? Seems weird to alienate the modded community, especially after all they’ve done for the longevity of vermintide and the very loyal fans that play modded difficulties.

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the game isn’t even out there
there is no modded community (yet, admittedly)

and I think theres more then enough players who don’t need mods

Hard HARD pass on modding. The normal game is more then enough in V2 and it willbe im DT

No it’s not for many people that played the game for a long time. If you can enjoy vanilla, good for you, but claiming that vanilla is more than enough is just your opinion.

To be fair, darktide is a spiritual successor to vermintide, which has a dedicated modded community.

I’m not trying to argue that the vast majority of players want/need modded, I just want them to implement it (or give a promise of it coming down the line) to appease their hardcore fans that has been with them since vermintide and have thousands of hours in that game.

It also wouldn’t be too much of a hassle I imagine, all that is needed is a seperate realm where you use p2p instead of servers, I cant imagine it costing anything substantial to set it up. The modders will take care of the rest, and the people that are content in vanilla won’t be affected either.

The only reason I can see why they wouldnt want it is out of fear that people wont buy their cosmetics and instead use a mod to get access to them.

At the end of the day I just wanted to raise my concerns and hope that someone at fatshark is listening and cares enough about their most loyal customers that they do this small thing to make us happy.

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As long as a lot of the QoL and improvements VT2 got or had requested made its way into vanilla DT I’ll be happy - especially since there won’t be a timelag between updates and mods getting updated/resanctioned then.

I’m not so sure what to think about no modded realm. On the one hand, that means there won’t be that playerbase split, on the other that means less crazy experimentation and challenge modes - unless FS work some of that into vanilla too, at least as a side option.

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i personally only cared for the quality of life mods who were aviable on the offcial server anyway.
but i really think it would be dumb of fatshark to ignore the players who crave gamemodes beyond what the basegame offers.

after all the most watched streamers and CC’s are typically also cranking the game up to eleven.
tho i think with a more modular difficulty setting that could also be archieved.

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I don’t think it’s going to split the playerbase. The amount of people playing modded in vermintide is a very small minority, and without modded you would probably just loose these players instead of them playing vanilla.

Otherwise I agree with you, the thing I want modded for is difficulty scaling, which if we look at in hindsight, is something that is done a lot better by modders (made by players for players etc…)

the modding community in V2 really was super helpful to us as players and alot of the really great mods were sanctioned or even made into the game. the first good balance bbb was derived from a mod.

so this is the double edge of the sword with the dedicated servers, I read that due to having servers (pvp in DT? :star_struck:) they had to sacrifice modding/mods. So this makes me think they will be official servers only. I wish we could rent our own gameservers and have admin and be able to install mods etc (the good old days).

You will find a lot of the modders that wrote the QoL mods in the modded servers playing c3dwons/+.

Thats what keeps them going and investing time into the game. Without that interest, why would they keep updating those QoL mods?

People that want one and deem the other not related, or necessary are eating the pie and having it too.

It is simply a fact that in that last years every QoL update, and even some balance updates were rooted and started in modded.

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I don’t think we’ve planned a Vs for Darktide, but never say never?


my vision of V2/DT versus would be like Hunt Showdown, large map, multiple teams, a couple of Lords or Monsters on the map with lots of ambient enemies with the goal of taking the bounty on the Lord or Monster/s and succesfully getting out and having to fight other teams of players on top of enemies…

Guys please stay on topic.