What is the big reason behind no mods?

So, I’m sure fatshark knows what kind of community vermintide 2 has, how there are modded tournaments constantly happening, how these said tournaments gather money for charity and how people spend their free time to create content and additional ways to play the game.

While I know that the modded community is pretty small, it really seems like a weird decision to not have any kind of modding in darktide ever, for me it will significantly decrease the amount of time I will spend on darktide because in vermintide, most of my playtime comes from playing modded difficulties above cataclysm, and I’m not the only one who feels like this

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Most likely answer is monetization. With the move to always online/dedicated servers, they obviously want to make this into a live service game that has a cash shop that sells cosmetics and boosters. It would cut into their bottom line if modders just made free cosmetics mods.

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The move to dedicated servers is probably the main factor in why we can’t mod the game. It’s not like VT2 where it’s peer-2-peer and one of the players is the server. Stuff like spawn rates, attack patterns, rate of fire / reload of weapons to name a few would probably be dictated or dependent on the server, and it’s not like we can just ask for access to the their servers.

dedicated servers honestly feel like a complete downgrade, since now everything is server side, in vermintide you needed either insanely high ping or very unstable ping for the game to be unplayable

over here, once you get above 100 it starts to get very bad, switching doesn’t work, movement starts stuttering and it’s just pain, I’m enjoying the game so far but I think dedicated servers were a huge downgrade

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dedicated servers honestly feel like a complete downgrade[/quote]

dedicated hosting rocks biggest improvement not one lagy game or even spike no slow loading no host leaving its been awesome!

its not that stopping mods if anything is its the cash shop nescessitating keeping stuff server side.

but bear in mind V2 didnt realease with mod support , and there is no reason they cant do pretty much the same thing here and have the modded realm where you can enjoy all the fun of p2p and mod ogres into teenage anime waifus all day long :wink:

its just clearly not something they can focus on right now , let em get the crazy of launch out the way and see if they can come upp with a roadmap of what they are gonna try and do.

not very accurate, everything is now server side so even movement and weapons switching can be unresponsive if you have slightly high ping, if you are playing with a group of friends it’s very muc ha downgrade


eh? did you always host or something? the other 3 have gained a lot more than you lost. or were you guys playing on a LAN with a dedicated host?

Game as a Service means you have to play what the devs want so they can monetize the sh*t out of it.

So, no mods.

no matter what ping you had in vermintide, movement, attacking, weapon switching and other things like that never lagged, they were always instant because they were client side, enemies and hit detection is host side.

also no I never host, but I play with people even from egypt while I live in europe and it is very smooth