This is absolutely not what fans were asking for

Dedicated servers means
‘I can run an app on my own hardware that acts as a server for others’
not this garbage
If FS doesn’t either commit to allowing offline play, p2p play, and mods then i have zero interest in playing.
Vermintide 2 was already stretching my tolerance with it’s ‘always online’ requirements.


Even if private hosting isn’t an option, in the good ol’ days games would connect you to a server when you start matchmaking. Completely unnecessary to do it on launch.

The reason it is always online is because they’re using cosmetic micro-transactions and seasonal class dlc as a monetization model. Games that can be played offline are susceptible to means of circumventing the microtransaction system (cheats, mods etc).


well a lot of fans me included were asking for this when v2 launched. laggy games where the host dc’s everyone just before the end were really sucky.
looking forward to hopefully having stable low lag games whith no need for host migration.

dont see why the option to host would be impossible though. v2 had loot and microtransactions to.


I mean, while i understand the frustration of the DC´s and endless bugs&crashes of launch VT2 having been there, its kinda silly to go like “we asked for this big thing but we didnt get it and now we´ll never forget about it”.

Dedicated servers was is too much to ask from a game that has a small playerbase, option to host by ourselves? No excuse for this though. It was added early as a mod but fatshark still has not yet really adopted it or several other sanctioned mods properly, only a few which is really sad.


Poor Fatshark. They got absolutely pounded for their failure to implement dedicated servers early into the life of VT2. Now they’re getting complaints about having them on release for DT.

No mods is sad, I get it. That could still be rectified further down the track, and indeed will probably be needed if they wanna keep the dedicated modded difficulty players sticking around Darktide for any amount of time.


I’d like an offline or P2P option just for longevity’s sake.

I have real concerns that the game will die off in my region within a couple of years and they’ll eventually just shut down my local servers, at which point the game will be basically unplayable.


It’s probably because it’s being done in a way that is taking even more control away from players, even though it was already pretty locked down already.

One step forward (dedicated servers, yay!) four steps backwards (no mods, no player hosted servers, no player hosted games, no proper map selection, etc.) and a few goblins here and there still (always online, hub)


Yeah, the mods really worry me. I don’t mod my game a lot but the UI in V2 is not usable to me without mods, and in DT I cannot even see the ammo count of my team mate. I just don’t trust FS to patch the game since they don’t have a history of doing so.

I also used a mod on the unsanctioned list a lot that let me just spawn bosses and enemies to practice dealing with them. The holodeck-like thing in the hub could absolutely be used like this if FS adds support for it themselves, but they would have to do it. The tutorial now is very bare bones.

So. To conclude. I don’t like wherer they UI is right now, mods would solve it, and I worry that when mods are not around they wont be.

As for the dedicated servers, I have forgiven FS for their absence in V2. I worry about end-of-life as I do for all games, but I’m hoping that whenever FS decides to stop hosting the games they will allow the community to do so (this should be mandated by law). Too many games disappear forever becaause some company decides that it is not worth spending money on any longer.


p2p is garbage
ever played vermintide 2? no servers is awful


They’re getting pounded for promising and not delivering. As anyone should be. I for one think that VT2 is int beta stage code quality-wise, and not exactly a release ready product that I paid for.


its kind of odd to me i come from the quake 2 era of multiplayer ,dedicated servers were services we subscribed to , shout out to any barrys world or wireplay og! to me using clients as hosts was a console peasant cheap out.

i for sure support the option fir people who might want to host to be allowed to , and i dont get the size argument, i mean you need playerbase / capacity = servers it just scales with the size.

myself im delighted to be back where we were 30 years ago :wink: dedicated servers for low pings , low packet loss and no host dc closing the game!

it might be indicative of launch but it wont be of final , both the vermintide games saw extensive difficulty tweaks. *** i really wouldnt worry about that aspect. its really not a big thing to tweak i imagine its little more than altering a text config file.

*** does anyone remener just how many changes were made to mob density and cleave alone?

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A small playerbase that doesnt pay much wont pay for server upkeep, even if cost is low is what i meant*

Needs to be some sort of income that pays for it, especially with a what i´d expect to be a moneysink , Darktide, running on the side.

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2k hours
never had lag or connection issues
absolutely no excuse for removing p2p play
and forcing play on their servers


they are getting flak because they orginally made a promise they couldn’t keep
and now they delivered … on the wrong promise
for a different game

warhammer is niche
no denying it
limiting play to only company servers drastically limits the lifespan of a niche game such as this

and it represents a shift towards more unsavory monetization schemes
maybe 6 years ago
this would have been acceptable
but nowadays? unacceptable

hell i’d give my savings right now if any group were to commit to reverse engineering a way to host your own games

anything to stop a game with amazing potential from becoming another
abandoned mmo


Business-related software, image- and video editing, music and video entertainment - everything tech related is going the service route, and games are no exception with ‘games as service’. And that is what they actually said from the beginning. That they are going the ‘games as service’ route. A service can and most likely will end. You guys can sob and cry as much as you want you won’t stop it from happening. Doesn’t mean I like it but for a medium-sized game studio, it makes no sense to strive against the stream technology-wise. For developers, it absolutely makes sense to choose that model nowadays. To think you can buy a game for 40 dollars, get thousands of hours of entertainment out of it, and then complain after 5 years that you can’t get any more for your 40 bucks because the servers shut down just mean you are a dinosaur stuck in the past and denying reality. Again, that does not mean that it is a good thing but that is where we are at.

And at the guys saying dedicated servers means you can run your own servers. Can you please realize we left the Counterstrike 1.6 era behind? Thank you. They provide servers and those servers are dedicated to the game. That is what it means. Not what you would like it to mean.

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condescension is neither helpful nor appreciated

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Everything’s going to be mostly the same except host crashes and disconnects will be replaced with server crashes and disconnects.

Also, no mods kinda sucks, but let’s not act like it was a huge part of VT2. Modded realm is always mostly empty except for the occasional group of friends or Discord acquaintances who all get together to play Peregrinaje or smth.

And getting a Quality of Life mod sanctioned took forever anyway. For Darktide we’ll just have to yell real loud in the forums to get what we want in terms of UI options etc.


I just like to ask my teammate how much ammo he/she has, and if need any, more interesting for me than just see someone’s numbers.

Remember they said they want the world to evolve, I guess it’s one of the reasons why they want to have dedicated servers, like Destiny 2 does.

This game shouldn’t be just missions like VT 2, they told about it and I hope they do it in an interesting way.

It maybe easier for them to update game with servers.

I might be wrong here but, fixing server based problems sounds much easier on Fatsharks end than trying to establish why some people struggle to have a stable p2p connection, or why and when steam related services (connected to the p2p?) are behind a problem. So even if the launch does have DC problems one can hope it shouldnt be as difficult to fix.

As for general bugs and crashes, well, lets hope VT2 was a good learning experience and it goes smoother this time around. At the very least that things get fixed faster. A lot faster.