This is absolutely not what fans were asking for

As somebody who hosted for my friend group, all losing P2P means is slightly higher latency for them (Well maybe not the furthest friend) and latency being added in for me.

With the quality of servers that devs have been implementing for many games recently I have no faith in them in that regard either. Many are opting for the cheapest option there is which are generally not designed around fast paced gameplay. Beta was… mostly okay-ish, but the latency was definitely very noticeable.

Not that I could even force myself as host as it is in Darktide, because no mods :upside_down_face:

Like was said, one step forward (Though dedicated servers over P2P is more of a slight diagonal step in a game like this) and way too many back.

Well some will indeed lose from it due to similarly enjoying a good connection with their pals, but servers are likely an improvement for those running PUB´s where connections can vary greatly.

I´ll amend my earlier statement, quality will likely improve as long as the servers are not too crappy, but having decent servers i think would help appeal to a broader mass.

do we actually know this? i mean did FS say it? just because they are doing the awesome of giving us the best setup doesnt nescessarily mean they are removing the ghetto option


I wish they’d just say yes or no, but at this point so close to release, it feels like if it’s no news it’s most likely a no.


that’s fine and all
DRG evolves
and it allows for u to host your own games
and when Ghost Ship Games goes down
the game will still be available to play

maybe i’ve been spoiled but
Deep Rock Galactic is the space shooter darktide wishes it could be
until there’s an option to play offline and host private games i see zero reason to waste any time with this game
especially when other coop games aren’t this restrictive
i despise destiny for a reason
it’s a game that you have to play like it’s your second job
and that is absolutely not what i want this game series to become
yes i’ve put 2k hours into Vermintide 2
but i don’t feel obligated to come back to it
whereas with destiny 2 and other always online games
they need to pay for servers
so they need to force engagement
and they do that by utilizing FOMO, group pressure, and forced level resets

also (unrelated)
screw Easy Anti Cheat
that garbage has blue screened my PC so many times

Well, assuming nothing else ever changes, one plus side of dedicated servers…

Reconnecting to the same game easily with all your progress intact. That was a nice thing in Beta 2. (Especially with all the game crashes and connection errors.) Was pretty dang fast too. People that dropped for one reason or another were back in game in under a minute.


I see you like to do your morning stretching in public. Thumbs up.

I’m sorry, but that’s not what the majority would think of when you hear DS. You’ve just described p2p.
I have no problems with DS (as long as the ping is stable and low).
But, I’m all for P2P / LAN option - this live always online service thing is c@ncer.


It’s always been a c@ncerous growth used to push excessive ads for microtransactions and data acquisition, yet you will have people fervantly defending it as if it isn’t a massive detriment to the player. Some people want to just player the game itself, but no we automatically have to be shoehorned in with everyone.


you are lying :rofl:

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How about you being one exception out of thousands of confirmed cases that´d benefit from it? I´d call that a good reason.

Even if you were to scrounge up a hundred, hundreds or a couple of thousands of people (unlikely AF) who share the sentiment, there´d still be the same number multiplied by many, many times that would stand to benefit.

And so given this, yes, its absolutely a good call to switch systems.

Furthermore, you seriously didnt play during any of the times when Fatshark had internal or external (often Steam related) problems that caused major rise in ping or just plain stability issue´s for like…the entire active playerbase at the time? For weeks?

On at least 2 different occasions too, maybe even 3.

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With p2p who would host the hub location?
How often would we rejoin host?

Is here a possibility to have DS and p2p option at the same time?

Host is the norm, vt2 at least does it.

If it were to follow Vt2 style then just once at the start to enter the match/hub provided you do not end up DC’ing away from eachother. If that occurs then vt2 style does it once per time which is honestly quite a hassle when the p2p connection is shaky for any reason.

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear.
By original idea (what FS told us they want to do) main hub on Atoma prime should have around 10-20 players so we wouldn’t be/feel alone on the ship.

Who would be the host??

If you’re in a party, the host of the party. If you’re alone, either connect to one of the servers until you go into a match or just host it alone. It wouldn’t be a huge deal either way.

You’re overthinking it.

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