Why did people want dedicated servers in VT 2/the next Tide game?

Seems like its been entirely a downgrade, from frustrating interactions (ghost hits, disablers) to not being able to choose your own mission. Was it only because sometimes there was a bad host for P2P?


Simple, you’re not reliant on good PC with great internet for a host.


Instead we are now relying on FS potatoe servers…doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade lol.


With my internet and how horrible the FPS is for quite few, it certainly is.

its just a lot better in every regard, hosted dedicated servers was the gold standard for pc gaming going back to dial up , shout out to any old barrysworld /wireplay players out there :wink:

when consoles came along they started using p2p as a cost saving measure and it was rightly reviled.

performance improvements aside just not having the host dc and close the game is such a massive step up.


I prefer P2P as well… Especially if you want to play games when devs eventually abandon them. Just a matter of time. Could take 10 years or 20. Better so players can keep hosting.

Or valheim/satisfactory style “dedicated” servers where the community and players host the dedicated servers.

People with poor internet is unfortunate, but at least they can connect to hosted peers in their region, whereas if fat shark doesn’t host servers in that region, sucks to suck. So it’s not like it solves all problems for remote/poor network users either.

I think you get, generally, less issues with P2P, especially with how it changes the business model to be more MTX heavy to justify the hosting costs.


It is so because of GaaS model, Destinyhammer 40.000

I think it’s how things work in Killing Floor 2, and you can choose missions there. (But not sure)

I think you get, generally, less issues with P2P

Well it was a giant drama with P2P in V2.

  1. Because people who hosted often did not have good computers or connection.
  2. Because people who hosted who did have good computers had by far the best experience of the game compared to the teammates.
  3. Because there are no hosts who can rage quit/save 10 seconds so you get stuck in the level reload.

there are always ways, i used to play lots of server reliant games that were abandon (online ofc)

well your premise is build on the knowledge after, obviously people thought if they are going to swap to dedicated server that they would do semi competent job at it.

this doesn’t really relate to server based framework its really just a design choice by fatshark, (dumb one at that) most likely to funnel people into the same lobbies so instead of having 4 solo players playing self chosen maps, they limit the choices so more people flock to them and find and play with each other.

My Idea of a dedicated server (back in day of Half-Life DM/ Counterstrike / TFC) was a place you could go anytime of day get good pings but more importantly have a good level of play. Servers had admins with functions to kick players who weren’t aware of the server rules such as Role Queue or adjust playstyle to suit numbers, trolling t/king… the servers would often have a map rotation and the level of play (clanstyle) everyone knew what was expected and if you were willing to learn or have good voice comms you’d soon get to know players that you could form clans with and play with/against others…

I thought this is what Darktide would have… not seen it in a game like it… I’m not too experienced… but what is the point of mourningstar… why are we in a ‘fort’ with more than 4 players… To socialise and form strike teams… So why can’t Darktide have a set of servers one for each difficulty have all the maps on the mission screen (at that difficulty) 20-40 people can walk around mourning star waiting for strikeships and squads to take on missions at a fixed difficulty… If you play regularly on a server hopefully u’ll bump into players you have played with before remember if they were a good ogryn… call out to players when you need a 4th… see in the mission screen a strike team needs a 4th ogryn or 2 front line… etc… if there were better class synergy and strike teams could be specialised to do a certain mission that requires special classes… u get picture


What people wanted was old-school dedicated servers, like, servers you could host on your own compute hardware or your own cloud server. They wanted all the good parts of P2P without the bad parts.

Nobody really wanted centralised GaaS-style servers.


Now I’m no expert and I’m pretty sure it’s conjecture, but I saw people talking about how there’s a decent chance that with dedicated servers, especially the archaic way FS has implemented them, it would just be easier for everyone to play on a set of selected maps with guaranteed modifiers, rather than being able to choose your own maps, difficulty, and modifiers. At the very least I feel like it has something to do with single player not being in the game as that would probably add to server space.


Well in that case I’m glad it turned out better for you, however it has been a downgrade for me almost across the board


they just think its immersive

well lets look at what that takes. with some low numbers.

5 difficulties, 10 misions, 5 modifier combos - 250 combinations

and what this might look like down the road with more content added

7 difficulties 30 missions 20 modifiers- 4200 combinations.

now each combination needs to be filled , so thats 4 players every minute if an average mission length is 25 mins thats 100 players per combo

250 combos requires* 25000 players
4200 combos requires* 420 000 players

*- note this is bare minimum its possible to actually achieve this , its not realistic, distribution isnt normalised you could need 20 times that to fill out the top difficulty

we wont ever see a full map selsection screen it just wont work - they could implement it for 4 player private lobbies.

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I have a great connection and I still get rubberbanding and delayed reports for actions, like hits not happening for a second or two, or sounds not playing in sync, at 50 ping.

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for me, i wanted
dedicated / headless servers that
a player could host

not this hot garbage


Same here. In VT2 any time I’d run into whatever issue with bad hosts (bad connection, toxic behavior, etc) I’d just host my own game and the issues would be gone (I have good internet, can kick bad players, host private for a quick run, etc).

Meanwhile in DT I literally haven’t been able to successfully join a game on the first try since the beta.


Something I’ve alwayd wondered is why does there need to be different servers for modifiers and difficulty?

nobody wanted a game that was designed to waste your time and foster addictive behaviors
they wanted classic style headless servers

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i dont think its a need issue, they might do it to have them easily seperate or it might shave a few resources off having each specific really not sure its been decades since i had anything to do with setting up a server!

i was reffering to lobbies , showing the problem is just how fast the number of players you ned goes up relative to the options you provide.

each combination is a lobby if you want the ideal of a lobby for each combo setting up each minute it really starts to churn big numbers