So, now when Tencent have chosen to "invest" in Fatshark, can we finally get the promised dedicated servers?

They were promised, and now almost a year after the games initial launch, we still haven’t seen, or even heard, anything related to the dedicated servers. Alot of complains I have, and other people have voiced, would be fixed if we finally could move away from the awful p2p-system we have now.

Someone joining while you are loading a map? Better enjoy staring at a black screen for up to 5 minutes (at which point you giveup and alt+f4). Host quitting out of anger because he/she died or something, thus causing the map to reset and loosing you lots of time, or what about the bots magically disappearing in the middle of matches (sometimes fights) for upwards of 5 minutes at a time, because someone joined as that particular character? Or when you join a match that started and find yourself alone way behind everyone else because you start at the place the bot was when you started to join, rather than when you actually joined.
All frustrating things that on the whole make the game seem “cheaper” (for lack of a better word) than it actually is.

Now, to be fair, these things aren’t happening every game, far from it. But it would definetely make the game alot better if it didn’t happen at all.
So, Fatshark, can we finally get our dedicated servers, as promised? For me, VT2 is the best game of 2018, and by far my most played of last year. But these small things really start to annoy you when you experience them almost on a daily basis over a span of a year.

Most of these problems can be fixed without the dedicated server, and at lower cost I guess, but that would be against the Fatsharks rule of minimum effort whenever possible.


Use this awesome host mod
It’s literally a gamechanger for me.
With it I can pretty much solo. I don’t really care if anyone joins. I can actually dodge stuff!!!
Without I usually get hit by rats’ backs (I only join games with “green” ping).

I dunno how you can fix that games are over if host leaves/ragequits without servers.

Checkpoints and host migration.
But I guess what’s the real problem - someone ragequits in the middle of a horde in a generally tight situation, players get taken back to the last checkpoint and so the game gets easier. But IMO it’s possible to recreate the conditions if the game made a simple save (approximation of players position, horde numbers around them, something like that) every 10s, so players aren’t getting out of trouble if host quits, they are just moved back 10s in the best case scenario.

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