Where Are The Dedicated Servers? (New)

The deadline of May-June is fast approaching without a word from Fatshark about a revised road map. Is this still happening?

Why we desperately need them: If I’m not hosting the game there’s always latency on hits. Not unplayable, but also very detrimental to the enjoyment of the game.

Can we get a straight forward answer please?


Why don’t you just go ahead and host then?

With a serious answer though, Fatshark has been occupied with the development of XBox and, well. No clue, really. But you shouldn’t be expecting dedicated servers for quite a bit, but I’ve heard someone mention that it is in the horizon.

Once heard a great developer say ‘it’ll be ready when it is ready’. Now I just cannot stop myself from giving Fatshark a backhand comment and note that maybe Vermintide 2 should’ve been given more time in development. But it is, what it is. The road map you are referring to shouldn’t even be vaguely followed at this point, I think.