Dedicated servers by users

Just out of curiosity
is it at all possible to provide V2 dedicated server files so we could host our own servers?
You know like how we could host our own left4dead 2 servers

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You’re kind of 1,5 years late for the train. Short answer: no.

It’'s not possible as there aren’t any; the game is strictly peer-to-peer.

Dedicated servers (in one form or another) have been a requested feature since VT1, and were planned for VT2. Unfortunately, due to major problems of some kind, those plans are on indefinite hold, and for now we’ll have to work with what we have.

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Hedge explained their reasoning for lack of dedicated servers this way:

The base problem is that the AI director and everything take up so much CPU that the server instance, if rented, would cost quite a bit per month (according to their estimations).

The other problem is that if you replace a private P2P host with all their connection issues and ability to end the game with a privately owned dedicated server that can have the same connection issues and be shut down in a ragequit… well you haven’t really solved much.

A final problem is that dedicated servers are another version of the game, running “headless” without graphics, which has to be kept up to date with the rest of the game. And you know how that invites bugs and other issues.

Accept or don’t accept their reasoning, but that’s why you don’t have dedicated servers already.


I don’t really quit understand your concept of rage quit the server

I have a L4d2 server that yes I can turn off whenever I want.
I can also set up admin rules and have moderators
its not that difficult to apply any new patches to the server
as long as they get sent out and placed somewhere. very low effort on their end

As a person who got an l4d2 server running where players can join and leave as they please
I don’t see any down side to that.

hell, you can even let us beta test it as a modded realm then if any minor issues
they could then possibly resolve it. I really see no downside for a person who has purchased the game, decide to run a simple server that can host 4 or 8 players
its really not that hard
btw, running the server, does not run the game in a window where you physically see whats happning. its just running a shell, should have no issue with graphics what so ever
I have that l4d2 server running on an i7 laptop with a below average built in video graphics card

just seems like a half -ass excuse


A half-arsed excuse to not do what every other normal game developer had already done ages ago.

I mean, at least they have their own freaking game engine so they don’t have to pay $$$ for a license. Never mind that it is crap and was developed like crap from the ground up, but it is their own.

It may be really ‘hard’ to do dedicated servers when you haven’t thought about doing it from the start, so it is a question of FS foresight. Good luck making VS mode work without servers.


The cheapest and unexcusable thing is host transition.

Host transition would be even more difficult than a host without a local player as the clients don’t have the full state - assuming thst’s what you mean, to select a new host from the remaining and restart the map from almost the same state as it was on disconnect. Just imagine the load of new bugs that would introduce when the new host initializes everything from what client side info it had. Could be it’s not that impossible if you allow all unknown states to reset like enemy ai.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have dedicated servers with versus if not before.

If someone runs dedicated server… he is not shutting it down like this. He runs it 24/7.

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Well to be honest unless they really have some good servers. Meaning all around the world otherwise people will just suffer too high ping and quit eventually.

Sure given were talking about FS in your scenario yes at least the first few seconds might be a lot of enemies teleporting. If you were to use checkpoints for example or delete all enemies and continue roughly from the place you where before there shouldn’be an issue since it would be a new game with you teleporting to that position.
This wouldn’t look aweful since any kind of transition would put you back into the loading screen.

I would think it probable. Speculating here, but if Versus is supposed to allow for competitive play there needs to be some way to host “offline”, i.e. I see it as reasonable that Versus gets dedicated servers and then the base game should get it as well.

Rented server instances are often quite expensive, and I would not be surprised if it is much cheaper for Fatshark to host their own servers. In my personal professional experience the breakpoint is already somewhere around 20 machines, i.e. if you need the equivalent of more than 20 machines per site do it yourself (or well, you buy the hardware even if a third party does the on-site support half-way around the globe), if you need less rent the CPU-power needed.

Also speculating here, but I think they might have had issues with another platform (lets say they want the server containerized, that often means LXC / Linux support) and modifications (since some modifications are not “client only”).

still have not answered the question of, why can’t we host it ourselves?
Am not talking about renting a server
why can’t we host a server, set up the server ourselves
its seriously not that hard as long as the files are provided.

Not sure if anything definitive has been said about dedicated servers at all, so I would not assume you couldn’t run one if you so wanted. Assuming such will be released of course.

You ALREADY ARE hosting a server yourself. See zaru’s answer which does provide a pretty good explanation :

Well they did say it was on hold at the moment. We don’t know if they will be able to come back to it or not. And they have already a lot of issues to solve.

The topic is about dedicated servers. The word is there for a reason- currently if you are hosting, you have to play as one of the characters. FS hasn’t implemented any kind of spectating so you could at least script or hack an ordinary client to act like a host and always spectate (although that would require a separate full client game copy purchase, graphics and all, which is bollocks too).


I was answering the exact quoted answer which did ask for the ability to host on computer.

Umm, I see this:

And then:

Which isn’t true and also isn’t on topic.

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Pretty strange as I specifically did not quote this part. (+ the answer stays the same, zaru does also explain this in his answer)

Doesn’t change the fact - please do not lead other people into a misconception - dedicated servers are not the same as hosting clients.