Dedicated Servers in DT

So I saw that the game is going to work on dedicated servers, which is nice in some ways and not so nice in other ways. Right now if I dont find any near matches in VT2 (which is honestly most of the time because I play on a region where there are not a lot of players) I can just host a game myself instead of getting joined to a dedicated server that its located in a region with more players, resulting in high ping on my part. This is what happens every time I try to play World War Z: The game. That game only runs on dedicated servers, and I have never played a game with less than 180 ms.
I understand that no company is going to invest money in putting servers in a region with not enough players to make it profitable, but I was wondering if we were going to have the option to host a game ourselves if there are no joinable servers nearby.

You can actually disable crossplay and use private servers for p2p.

Just need friends.