Map Editor Update?

Maybe they should have created the second game’s engine in a way that promotes easy map creation?

Yea but it take ages for them to release few maps, I could fire up editor over weekend and create some umgak just for fun, and play it immediately, or I could decide to spend few weeks and create some shorter fun map. There would be many people imo who would be interested in creating maps, and it’s not some super hard thing to learn.

Btw, there is one twitch stream where they are showing off the editor.

What mod tools… we don’t need “tools”, we just need the editor. You’re not creating maps with some noob tool, but with the full editor, the one they showed on stream.

Back when I was playing Unreal Tournament, there was full editor available and community created huge amount of maps, it was awesome. That’s what they should do here.


Makes me even more curious on what exactly makes the process so time consuming. Of course these maps are fully designed but i wonder if the actual pathing and proper implementation of ways for the ai director to work is the main factor here.

Getting your hands on a map editor and trying stuff out will result in a better understanding on how the game actually works.

It could be fun to even have small maps made by the community in the style of like “fortunes of war” survival maps or “weave” style maps with short but challenging content. Also never underestimate the power of peoples ideas. Complete genres and standalone games were born within map editors of other games ( Tower Defense , Mobas and many more ).

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Giving us map editors will solve the problem why fatshark have to make weave. Like Killing floor 2, rewarding player with portrait or something more better who makes a map. Then we will see lots of custom maps and fatshark can pick some of them for official map. It will reduce both cost and time which means Dev can focus on new systems or hats.


God yes, give me back the Unreal Tournament days. The mods for that game were the best I’ve ever seen in their scale and scope. If we get something close to that level of modding for VT2, this game will probably last 10 years.


Yes, but the work on the new game mode also lasted months. Seeing how the new content came out, its repair will take another few months. How is this different from publishing WORKING and community-requested new maps once every few months?

Let’s face it, there is no difference in time spend for creating maps or new game modes when it comes to FS. The difference is that the first will be done well (because there was no accident that some map did not work properly), and the second just doesn’t work out properly.

In this case, we get content that does not work well and nobody wants, instead of content that is expected and would work properly. Just super.


Yeah, the sky is the limit with maps. The first game had tons of amazing maps - and nearly all of them took place in Ubersreik! They managed to make many unique and interesting despite that, through good level design - and don’t get me wrong, I think they still have good level design. I’m just pointing out that they proved how versatile they can be. And notably, almost all Ubersreik maps took place at night.

I get sad thinking of how cool more maps themed around Beastmen could have been. The intro from Dark Omens could have been in the first map that just involves going through a more cursed forest area, the second at their camp with the same finale - the third could get insane by having the warpstone meteor warp reality. Instead of dozens of minor map tweaks, there could have been one with non-euclidean geometry and messed up gravity and stuff . . . true CHAOS.

Well, if we do get the map editor, I know something I’m gonna hope for. XD


Bögenhafen would have required a lot of new assets when it comes to modeling, texturing, possible animations and who knows what else while BtU a lot of the VT1 assets would have had to have been replaced/remade/spruced up. Perhaps the only thing going for BtU was that the devs had an already completed map layout as to what went where.

Using already made assets while still taking a lot of time would be faster then coming up with things from scratch. As for why else Fatshark takes so long with their content releases, maybe there are internal issues with communication and teams being on the same level - who knows?

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I agree that Winds of Magic should have at least 2 maps centered around Beastmen.

First Map: Lead up to Dark Omens where the 5 are sent to contact someone who through some means has foreseen the Meteor’s coming (technology or magic / whatever). Initially the map would have a greater presence when it comes to skaven but once you reach the destination that is when you’ll encounter the Beastmen. Maybe have a village or hermitage where this person is located and you find it already pillaged by the beastmen who come back to deal with you for invading their new territory (guaranteed Minotaur). Environment would be woodlands/grasslands/hermitage(or village) with signs of skaven encampments and later on beastmen runes and so on.

Dark Omens while having some skaven at the start should then be entirely beastmen as they wouldn’t like having skaven or norscan enemies at all. This is why there should have been at least 2-3 specials and maybe 2 elites. I don’t care about what the developers said when it came to less unique enemies due to emphasizing the horde - to me it is still lazy design and even more so when current Dark Omen’s map relies on skaven/norscan specials. Imo the Norscan’s could use another special as well. In any case there should then be a Beastlord from the trailer whom you fight at the meteor site in which case it becomes a balance between dealing with him and standard bearers that jump in the fight who can potentially heal this boss.

I really waiting for that, in some games I’ve spended a lot of hours only to edit maps!
And for sure a lot of players can make some nice stuff.

I remember people saying the Creation Kit for Skyrim was really difficult to use, hard to get working properly, buggy and prone to crashing. I remember when people said that it’s unlikely anyone will create content close to being as good as the base game.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Falskaar mod/expansion - created by one individual. Since then I rarely underestimate what people can do once they’re given to tools.

PLEASE can we have a map editor!

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The Reddit AMA brought slightly more light to this topic, too. There are both technical and legal problems concerning the map (and mod) tools, but both sides are being worked on. They’ll come, but due to the problems there’s no idea when.

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Here’s the reddit post in question!

And yeah, this is hella exciting. :smiley: I hope these are complete tools so we could, say, create new heroes/careers.

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