Devpost: Chaos Wastes & More


Hopefully by now you’ve seen the trailer for Chaos Wastes, the free update coming to Vermintide 2 on April 20th - but if not, then be sure to check it out!

We’re super keen to start this new chapter in Vermintide 2 with all of you in a week! Over the coming weekend you’ll be able to catch some folks streaming Chaos Wastes, and some content creators sharing their thoughts and impressions as they get hands on with this new game mode.

For us it was super important that we looked back at the past and rethink our approach to releasing this expansion. It was key for us to release this game mode for every single owner of Vermintide 2 to play with each other without a cost to entry. We feel every player, new and old, should have an opportunity to jump into the Wastes together.

Over on the Chaos Wastes webpage we’ve prepared an overview on what’s in store for you when you begin your pilgrimage. You can read the ‘Pilgrim’s Guides’ over on our Chaos Wastes website as well to give you more detailed information about the new game mode and some of the specifics of what’s in store.

Alongside the release of Chaos Wastes we’re also releasing the Forgotten Relics DLC - a pack of five new weapons - one for each of the heroes (with some expected career limitations). The pack also includes four Chaos Wastes themed paintings to hang in your keep as well as a unique portrait frame. This pack will be available to purchase the moment Chaos Wastes goes live on Steam for $5.99. The weapons included in the pack are as follows:

The Trollhammer Torpedo for Bardin. Useful for controlling crowds and busting open armor.

A new Spear & Shield for Kruber. Perhaps not the greatest at dealing with a horde (leave that to the Trollhammer), but strong in a 1v1 with it’s high damage, fast attacks and the ability to strike whilst blocking.

A Moonfire Bow for Kerillian. Its basic attack sends out an arrow capable of starting fires at the cost of energy. On right click it has great range with a zoom, and offers a charged attack - also at the cost of energy. When the energy levels in the bow deplete it can be used no further, but recharges automatically when not being used.

The Griffonfoot Pistol for Saltzpyre. We teased this one late last year - it’s a lot like a sawed-off shotgun whilst similar to the Brace of Pistols, but trading long range for a projectile volley. Handy for groups of unarmored enemies.

And finally the Coruscation Staff for Sienna. This staff can shoot a volley of fiery rocks, or summon flame geysers that erupt from the ground or any surface it is cast (geyser size depends on the length of the cast). Handy for controlling crowds.

In the weeks following the release of Chaos Wastes, we’ll also be rolling out new premium Cosmetic items, purchasable from Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders, including whole new Hero Skins and Hats. So stay tuned for those and keep an eye out for their reveals here on Steam or on Twitter at

As mentioned above, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will be updated on April 20, the download is a remaster and will decrease the disk space it claims. The downside to this is that the content will be a pretty large download, but the upside is that overall the game will take much less real estate on your storage device.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you journey into the Chaos Wastes, and some of the interesting builds you end up with!


Oh my …

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Huh so while the wastes itself is free the weapons that technically come with it are not, interesting.

I think it’s fair, and it’s a much better system than WoM’s. You get to play with everybody


Oh don’t get me wrong I totally prefer it to be this way.


Wait I think I’m dumb, I though each weapon was 5,99 and was finding it weird that it would amount to more than what the base game currently is

Well I will keep the money aside for Hats and other shinies such as these

I like this. I read all the tips and, though I have a couple of questions that will be answered in due time, this seems to be adding lots of mechanics and feels refreshing for the gameplay.
I’m excited to try it out !

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There’s a small error on the webpage describing the gods the fab five are trying to consul- Valaya is described as Grimnir’s husband, when she’s married to Grungni. (Grimnir is her brother)


Weeeell… what happens in the dwarf hold stays in the dwarf hold.

Valaya is the wife of both Grungni and Grimnir.


It looks good, but I have to say that I’m very sceptical about yet another game mode when so many other modes are half-broken (remember deeds, e.g.?).

And, once again, would you please unlock cata to those who rightfully don’t care about WoM ?


It’s hard to call deeds an entire game mode. It’s just some modifiers on the otherwise completely unchanged gameplay loop on the same maps you play. Deeds could be deleted from the game and few would care tbh.


I’m hyped, but at the same time I’m worried it’s a free DLC. Really worried. Also new locations sounds a bit similiar to weaves. Hope the DLC is good though.

@Fatshark_Hedge FAQ about Chaos Wastes is still “coming soon”.

But it would be useful for me to know: owning ‘Forgotten Relics’ DLC does not give an additional Weekly Quest for 50 shillings?

So far they free DLCs have been the best ones :wink:


While the deeds are not a full mode like the weaves, they are - just like the FoW and the weekly - outside the regular matchmaking queue. Each of these three instances thus relies on actively trying to find people that want to play them, which is a significant access barrier. In addition, the deeds don’t allow joining mid-game (fine), even if someone’s game crashed (very bad), making them even less accessible than the FoW or the weekly.

Personally, I would be happy to have options to include all these lobbies in the QP. Apart from the weaves, which I do not play as a matter of principle.


Allegedly, the Return to Reik DLC should contain one 1000 schilling quest per week.

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Ok this honestly looks really exciting. Both the new mode and the new weapons look like a lot of fun. The big question to me that’s hanging over this expansion is what it will reward us with. However enjoyable the new mode is to play, what it rewards us with for completing it could make or break the whole thing for a lot of people. Will be very very curious to see how they handle this aspect.


Shouldn’t Keriliian’s bow be a Starfire bow? Since Moonfire is used on forces of Order

Obviously I don’t have a clue, but my impression from the info I managed to filter so far is that it’s kinda self-contained? Start with make-shift gear, buff it along the way and try to overcome the challenge? Sounds like something you’d do because you enjoy the core gameplay and atmosphere, and it does away with the need for gear or loot.

Sure, but I think it would be great incentive if successfully completing a run of the new mode gave you rewards you could use in adventure maps. Dare I say red dust or similar. I assume this mode isn’t meant to replace adventure maps, so giving a reward you can use in the “main game” would be very welcome, even if the rewards were just something cosmetic like weapon skins.

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