Dear Fatshark Games,

Dear Fatshark Games,

Please pass on the following suggestions for new DLC content for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 to your development team.

Please consider adding the following new Skaven enemies: Plague Censer-Bearers, Warlock-Engineers, and Plague Priests.

Please consider adding the following new Warriors of Chaos enemies: Flayerkin, Forsaken, and Champions of Nurgle.

Please consider adding the following new Daemons of Chaos enemies as DLC: Plague Hounds, Plaguebearers, Plague Toads, Plague Ogres, Beasts of Nurgle, and Heralds of Nurgle.

Please consider the Kislevite Ice Witch as a possible option for Sienna Fuegonasus’s upcoming 4th DLC Career.

Finally, please consider releasing DLC which give the player of Vermintide 2 the option to play a new mission were we able to fight a “Superboss” (such as a Great Unclean One or perhaps even a Verminlord).

Again, please give these suggestions to your development team and thank you very much for producing such a high quality game. We, your customers have enjoyed playing Vermintide 2 IMMENSELY and we hope to be able to receive more DLC content in the future to purchase and enjoy!

Thank you for your time.