I hope FS doesn't stop with Chaos wastes

Chaos wastes was a great success and an awesome addition to the game!
I sincerely hope Fatshark doesn’t lean back now and goes back to radio silence, it would be relly nice to see more DLCs with content, maybe more achievements and challenges to hunt, more uses to the ravaged arts, farmable keep decorations would be sweet aswell, please don’t hurt me for saying this but I would even like to see a season pass make it to vermintide 2 just to have more to grind and farm for and it would definetly be awesome to see way more cosmetics in the store and loot boxes to have a nice variety of options. In my honest opinion the game doesn’t need constant giant updates like chaos wastes but some small things here and there would really go a mile to attract more players and especially keep a healthy population for a long while.
What do you guys think ? I’m just really curious what others can come up with :slight_smile:

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