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would it be possible to add darktide bosses to vermintide? or at least their mechanics… I believe the nurgle crossbow would be quite possible.
or even plage ogrin himself as an ork or minotaur… I don’t know which factions could fit perfectly. but the mechanics would be interesting.

The Plague-Ogryn is pretty much the Ratogre in Vermintide. It just got the Minotaur-charge as addition on top. You can even dance with them as you do with Ratogres…

The Beast of Nurgle is a mix out of the Troll (slow movement, leaves slime) and the Chaos-spawn which is able to eat players, while the weakspot is stolen from the Stormfiend.


Going from Darktide to Vermintide (Though Aqshy has already said that there wouldn’t be many new units for VT2, just the lord as far as we know)

Beast of Nurgle: Not lore change needed
Plague Ogryn: Just renamed into Plague Ogre, maybe change the front to give it a Gut plate and less futuristic bobs and pieces

But on the other hand.

Bile Troll: No real equivalent, could reuse some mechanic with a Plague Ogryn (Though the BoN already use the vomit attack)
Minotaur: Beastmen do exist in 40k, but not really the Minautors, now I don’t want it to be remade into a Plague Ogryn, but if Faction expansion in Darktide follow the 3 other Chaos God, it could be a good Khornate Monster pick
Rat Ogre and Stormfiend: A Stormfiend like Ogryn was datamined already, and the Rat Ogre would be somewhat redundant with the Plague Ogryn

And lastly the Chaos Spawn, we do know that it was remade for Darktide so it should come sooner or later.

But in conclusion, the 2 games don’t use the same engine, Darktide use a more developed one, like Vt2 use one that was more developed than the one in VT1, where they couldn’t use the map straight up and had to remake them from scratch. So I don’t think it’s as easy as it might look, and if they have to restart it from scratch, i’d rather see new stuff, like those that follow:

Fiend of Slaanesh:

Flamer of Tzeentch
Hound of Khorne (But a bigger than normal one)

Each being introduced via their own Chaos God cult faction along the live service of the game

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What Darth Angeal says is true. Watch the combos the Plague Ogryn pulls out. He has essentially the same attack patterns, but with different animations:
→ Fast 3-hit combo (blockable, weakish in damage)
→ Strong fast short ranged attack (blockable, drains a lot of stamina)
→ Strong charged attack (unblockable, heavy hitter)
→ Charge at one player (knockback, heavy hitter)

Gameplay wise they are the same translation, the Ogryn is just bigger in size.

The plague ogryn brings nothing new in terms of mechanics and I am not too hot on having the beast of nurgle in Vermintide either considering how much of the interaction with it is predicated on ranged combat, which doesn’t fit Vermintide. Let’s forget about the Daemon Host alltogether.

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