Engineer is erasing the veteran ranger?

I noticed that the engineer is overshadowing the veteran ranger, because the veteran’s difference was mainly: the “infinite” bomb, the high range damage with the career skill and survival with the stun talent… but apparently the engineer is doing all of this the same or better.
I made some ideas to improve the veteran ranger so he has more build variety and more identity, such as builds focused on not consuming items with new items and improved chance of not consuming items and a little more mitigation, even builds to indirectly improve the shotgun of the dwarf.

:school_satchel:PATROL VETERAN

level 10
last breath: REWORK, bardin gains 18% melee power when your weapon clip is empty

Master of improvisation: buff/rework, when reloading an unloaded weapon, reduces disengage cooldown by 2 seconds. if the weapon has more than 1 projectile per clip the reduction is increased by 2s

Kills enemies now this skill has become: economic hunter: for each consumable item equipped on the bardin, he gains 3% damage mitigation and increases the RUNNER’S IMPROVISE perk by 5% per stack. Max stocks: 3

level 25

Firing Fury: buff, Hitting 2 enemies with one ranged attack increases speed of Bardin’s next reload by 35% and 1% damage reduction for each enemy hit, for 2 seconds. (Max: 0 stacks?)

Do not waste time! Rework: for each item in bardin’s inventory, he gains 2% ranged power and 2% movement per inventory (Max: 3), when using a consumable this bonus doubles for 1min

Exuberance: buff, Bardin takes 30% less damage from behind. Headshots grant this bonus to all damage for 12 seconds.

level 30

Guest: buff, the disengagement’s stealth doesn’t end if you leave the cloud of smoke, in addition to bardin gaining a bottle of wine that, when consumed, heals 10 health and increases movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds.
it will be next to the cure in the inventory, similar to the OE.

Ranger starting gift: buff, bardin already starts with a bomb, Bardin gains 2 bomb slots…

PASSIVE ABILITY: adjustment, survivor’s hideout changes appearance and becomes the same as vermintide 1 (ammo)

Problem with OE vs RV right now is just OE´s bomb build being too strong rather than RV being outright too weak, some bad talents or not.

Havent seen anyone else thinking otherwise either so far.


I think the same. The problem is really only Ingenious Ordnance. Everything else is fine about both classes, both have their own identity and their own playstyles. (and RV is probably still the stronger from those two while OE is much more fun - at least for me)

That’s unnecessary, Ranger Veteran was and continues to be a fantastic career for ranged support and brings incredible amounts of utilities. My favorite Bardin bot no less

The problem right now is one of powercreep because of OE’s bomb bonuses, namely the constant stream of free bombs

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RV is under no threat. Still the best class to keep an entire team swimming in ammo for the whole run. Still disgusting with MW pistol. Can also give potions to the whole team which is very powerful.

Yeah his bomb build got power crept, which is dumb since it was already very good. At this point if they wanna make OE the bomb guy and give RV something else instead of parting gift that’s fine with me and probably a good idea, but mostly they just need to dial down the OE bomb shenanigans they’ve introduced.


ok, I didn’t say he’s weak, I think he’s good, but the engineer is overshadowing him a little…
but please don’t tell me that you find these talents strong and interesting, and don’t say that “oh with a specific build, he’s average”.

Last Resort: for a sniper class, you have a talent, but for it to work you have to run out of bullets??? “ah but with a specific build you gain power” so, to gain power it’s better to play slayer or OE.
the way I proposed is much cooler, besides you can use up the weapon’s clip, increase the power and throw a bomb, then reload

Master of Improvisation: Not all weapons can be reloaded all the time, so this change I proposed is just a mini buff for weapons with a magazine with +1 bullet

Foe-Feller: this talent is uncommentable, weak, boring, unnecessary, (even the icon is ugly lol).
my proposal was to let this talent work based on the Ingenious Improvisation advantage, making this advantage really noticeable and with several functionalities such as using the traits of 25% chance of not consuming an amulet, necklace and accessory item (Healers Touch, Home Brewer , Grenadier) and see them being more effective.
You could also consume a cure or wine (my proposal for the “Guest” talent) and when cloning, pass the item to an ally who is injured.
off 2% mitigation per item in inventory just for additional resistance.

Firing Fury: the improvement I proposed is almost directly in the Grudge-Raker build, as I think it’s unfair that long range weapons that use the Exuberance talent gain 30% damage reduction, and the Grudge-Raker using the Firing Fury talent which is a necessary talent, leaves him totally vulnerable with just 100 health and that’s it, because as the Grudge-Raker uses a lot of ammunition, the Grugni’s Cunning talent becomes necessary and therefore there is no way to use the Field Rations talent that would provide mitigation of damage.
Therefore, my proposal would provide mitigation for each target hit, becoming useful mainly in Grudge-Raker.
This weapon is really cool to play and deserves a talent just to use it. I believe that this change that I proposed is still not as good as it should be.

Exuberance: Just a small change to the talent’s duration.

“No Dawdling!”: This talent is another one of the talents that are simply just an empty bonus. My serious idea is to keep the speed bonus for those who appreciate it, but give the talent a use.
the talanto would have a synergy with the new talent level 10 economic hunter (kill enemies), it would work from items in the inventory for each item gaining power (little) and movement stocking up to 3 times and when consuming some item it would double the stocks , in this case the maximum would be 6 stocks (12% power and movement).

Surprise Guest, this improvement would be to make the versatile talent equal to the other 2 at level 30.
for example Exhilarating Vapours of temporary health and attack speed for allies, Ranger’s Parting Gift always guarantees a bomb that can have several uses.
in my proposal for Surprise Guest, he would first combine with the talents “No Dawdling!”, “kill enemies(economic hunter)” as he would provide a bottle of wine, which would activate a space in the inventory, and could be a cloned item to the team through these talents. secondly, this talent would work to remove injuries from a companion or the bardin himself, and even for the bardin to quickly flee invisibly if his entire team died, he would activate the ultimate and drink the wine, gaining 10% movement for 10 seconds, making the invisible outside the activation area even more useful, and if you have the talent “No Dawdling!” the bonus can reach up to 22% of movement with 10% of the wine and 12% of the maximum stocks of “No Dawdling!”.

and the change in the look of the passive would be because I happened to be playing weave with some friends and we stopped getting the maximum ammo (game standard) and got Bardin’s (10% of the maximum ammo), and we ended up forgetting to pick up the rest of the ammunition on the ground as it was the same as the game’s standard. just one adjustment

In my opinion, all these talents that I described deserved an improvement, and these changes would not make Bardin super “OP”, but would make the gameplay of cloning items and shotguns cooler

The harder and more difficult the runs are the more ranger veteran will outshine the OE. RV isnt avarage he is literally one of the strongest careers in the game.

But to admit, your ideas would make more builds viable and competive.


true, I also think that the veteran is stronger on high difficulties, but I talk more about the character’s usefulness and identity, in terms of the veteran being a little overshadowed by the engineer for doing “the same thing”

and what I said was “average”, are the comments that some make about horrible talents like “kill enemies”, because there is always someone who says: "ah but look, the kill enemies talent is very strong with the right build ":roll_eyes::expressionless:. kill enemies = +5% attack speed. I believe that this type of talent should not exist in any class.

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Yeah, and the problem here is 100% the OE’s problem with power creeping, fix what’s too strong. Don’t buff something unless it is aggressively underpowered like Barge, Dawi Drop, Indiscriminate Blast, or Repeater Pistols.

The thing is you don’t need a specific build to make him average, several of his talents and just his base kit alone already results in a pretty solid support character. That’s probably why he’s a base career, by sheer virtue of how good he is.

Maybe 1-2 talents could use a look at but for the most part ranger is one of the better careers overall, neither too strong nor weak (MW Pistol is OP, but that’s more the weapon than the career). Some of your buffs aren’t necessary while others are change for the sake of change.

Yeah it’s a mini-buff, but the very fact that other weapons can carry more ammo per magazine is by itself a rather large advantage to begin with. This talent flips it around and gives a slight advantage to single shot weapons. What you have to ask yourself here is…does the career and this talent need that buff?

I’m not against reworking Foe Feller because as you said, it’s incredibly boring. But where you’re wrong is saying it’s weak, because it’s not. This is an unconditional buff to attack speed. This is a simultaneous offense and defensive buff at the same time without any condition.

Not sure if I liked your suggestion but I do agree with the sentiment it could be reworked to be something more interesting.

The rest are mostly buffs, which I re-iterate my point, does the RV need the buffs or is it OE that’s a bit too strong atm?

So, I think the engineer is a little weird, despite being much better than before.
but I don’t like the way the engineer worked and currently works, however the veteran needed these changes to make it more interesting and not “much stronger”, regardless of whether the engineer was nerfed or not.