Being able to "vent" with melee weapons with Sienna

Hi. I can’t say how much i love the game, its asthetics, gameplay, characters, voice acting, music, and oh boy… that badass warrior priest intro. I want to continue to support the game by getting the upcoming dlc and hoping for more V1 maps on V2.

I just have one request, i want to be able to “vent” with melee weapons with Sienna, this would be specially helpful for Unchained. Having to swap to staff everytime to “vent” is tiredsome and confusing to me because the character is the one needing to “vent,” not the staff. She is the one that explodes when overcharged, not the staff. And seeing that Unchained gains “overcharge” when hit… it would make even more sense to be able to “vent” with melees also.
The “vent input-key” is not being used by the melee weapons, there won’t be a conflict with the controls if added. And the “vent” animation used with the staff could be used for her melee weapons aswell.

Thank you

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imho using reload button for melee is a good idea.
Also, could be a great idea for the mechanic of the DLC career.

I’d still want a venting trait on Sienna’s melee weapons, even if it is only % chance on hit to vent like in V1.

Take the unchained talent that allows block to reduce overcharge then ‘venting’ without the staff equipped is easy.