Let Sienna vent overcharge while melee weapon is equipped as Unchained

Would love to be able to vent overcharge with a melee weapon equipped as Unchained.

In addition to being able to vent overcharge as Unchained with a melee weapon, It would also be possible to make Sienna Melee more unique by adding some sort of talent interaction with this effect, there’s already a talent that applies a light burn DoT on push attacks. Maybe venting overcharge could do the same in a small circle around Sienna, with dot strength depending on overcharge level. This would also increase the uniqueness of Sienna as a melee character.

As of now, holding “R” while a ranged staff is equipped you are able to vent your overcharge at the cost of health. I would suggest being able to do the same with a melee weapon as Unchained.


I think it’s a great idea and I’m pretty sure people have brought it up in the past. It could be a passive or a talent even.


I agree it would be a nice change for her. Makes sense in my opinion.

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This is pretty good idea.

Love this idea so much but I feel it might change the risk/reward dynamic of melee.

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This would be nice on all of the Sienna careers to be honest.

In fact, just let her vent Overcharge regardless of what she currently has out.


Yeah, as sienna doesn’t ever need to reload, she will never use the ‘r’ except when venting. In a logical sense, it seems like her magic is intrinsic (i.e. she is able to cast spells by pressing ‘f’ regardless of whether or not she has a ranged weapon out). Being able to vent with the melee weapon would just make sense to me. Admittedly, it would make playing her a little easier – but not too dramatically. More than anything it would make play feel more elegant – dodge, vent, return to fray; as opposed to dodge, quick switch, vent, quick switch, return to the fray.

As far as abilities go, maybe giving the Unchained some vent ability that allowed her to channel some of the heat into here melee weapon (e.g. increase damage of next melee attack after venting with melee weapon out) would be a really interesting talent – one that would open up new dynamics for the unchained.


Or they could bring back Earthing Rune to the melee weapons.


Also as Pyro and BW.

The former (letting her hold ‘R’ regardless of what weapon is currently in her hand) sounds far more convenient though, as bringing back Earthing would mean you would have to sacrifice another trait you already have on the weapon for it.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind both features being added to the game. The more depth the better I say (as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of anything else, of course).

In V1 was weapon trait who work like you say - vent on kill.

IMO she could have a choice between building THP or venting on melee kill.

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