Opinion: I want Earthing Rune back

As someone who played Conflag main in V1 for hours upon hours, I, for the love of fk, can’t find a Sienna build in V2 that I actually enjoy playing.

Sienna, regardless of how you play her, is not focused on melee. Unchained is all fine in terms of her tankiness, but… why do I have to block to vent?

Why can’t I attack enemies and get rid of heat that way?

Enter Vermintide 1.

Vermintide 1 has a trait that’s called “Earthing Rune”.

Earthing Rune reads:

Everytime you hit an enemy, there’s a 20% chance to vent 4% of your overheat.

Running this trait on Sword or Dagger or whatever means you can rid of your heat by melee kills.

This would be an amazing option for Pyromancer and Battle Wizard as well - it would create a completely different playstyle.


I wouldn’t mind them adding it back in the future, they seem to be working on stability/bugs atm which is fine with me but if they can internally test this a little on the second balance round once the game is stable it’d be cool.

I don’t share the sentiment of wanting a more melee focused sienna career and it may be terrible to balance but I know a lot of folks do have that class fantasy and I personally don’t mind seeing it.

Counter proposal, how would you feel if a talent removed vent-on-block and turned it into the venting rune? It’d mean sacrificing some defense for full offense but at least you wouldn’t be front-loaded with a trillion ways to vent which would make for a monster to balance.

It’d also massively increase choice and diversity in terms of seeing a defensive, offensive or mixed tactics sienna unchained.

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I would 100% select that trait. It could replace Backblast at lvl 5 (50% bigger push radius) as no one I know uses that.

Talents & traits should give options - you should choose your talents and your traits to suit your playstyle. A new trait is the better idea because it doesn’t remove options but adds one more.

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If people argued other classes would need it (I don’t feel Pyro needs it) but a battle wizard could have a talent exactly like the old venting rune that only works when tranquil is on cooldown would be cool. 10-20% chance to vent some heat while tranquility is up/down

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Personally, I prefer Unchained to be more defence-focused.

For the same reason, I don’t understand why an offence-focused career like Battle Wizard has block cost reduction on her Tranquillity talent.

Why not give an option to turn that into either a chance to remove some overcharge on melee hit, or assured overcharge removal on critical hit?

Or remove that, and add weapon traits with the same effect.

I can see it working, I think with all the classes it may just make it hard to balance and some need it more than others, class x may have it be op, class y may suddenly say it’s vital to be playable, then nobody wants it gone but it has caught abuse cases and needs to be nerfed into the ground; basically what level is manageable to implement has to be kept in mind too!

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Unchained doesn’t need a new way to vent. With a build to cut down your cool down period I can use living bomb to vent when needed. Also, if you stand in front if a trolls swing and block it - Getting walloped into the distance - it clears 90% of vent. :grin: I think it might be something for the future to have class-specific traits for all careers but having something like earthing rune isn’t needed.

also can we have scavenger back :D? i dont wanna not have bullet and getting bullets from melee is nice ;o

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It would be a new way to vent for all Siennas.

And, most importantly, it would be a way to vent in melee combat - which would recut down the range focus of Sienna by quite a lot.

In V1 Sienna was mostly a melee character. In V2, all 3 of her careers are 90% range. Boring af.