Unchained Abandon Bug

If an Unchained with Abandon and max overheat is attack by an assassin she will instantly lose all her remaining hp. Even if the abandon hp drain is meant to persist after being incapacitated it should not happen instantaneously and give teammates a chance to respond.

This has nothing to do with Abandon though. It happens everytime you are getting disabled while over max overcharge.

So I assume it is an intentional design decision.

It just doesn’t look right to me. That Sienna would just instantly exploded from being tapped by a Gutter Runner just seems so janky. Especially when she can be stabbed and smashed by all manner of units yet getting pushed on her side is what does it.

It works for any form of disablers if i do not recall incorrectly.

If you want a proper explanation it might be that she needs to focus to avoid blowing up when she maxes the overcharge and the disablers disrupt her?

Anything that forces her into 3rd person animation while she’s blowing up is instant down,rather old bug that’s still unfixed.

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