Please no Sienna bot

Summary of comments: Sienna bot is fine as unchained.

Lately I’m farming champ with a friend and two bots to bring him up in itemlevel. When playing Sienna on my own, the bots do fine. But when not playing her, we get a Sienna bot, which is just plain useless. Every other bot does well but she. Because of the bot AI, she barely uses her ranged attacks, and her melee isn’t that good. When using her Magic, she isn’t even capable of doing it properly.
Pleeease, just disable her as a bot or give at least the option.


damn, i farm legend fort brackenbrucker with bots on legend and she wrecks specials pretty well. she’s also very tanky as unchained, i love her in my solo runs.

equip her with a fireball staff, she does pretty good with that.


Thanks for the tip with the unchained. Haven’t even thought of that class =)

i love it, very tanky. combined with the healing necklace, it feels great! can vent whenever i’m full on hp without worrying much.

Unchained is most probably the strongest bot of all^^ no friendly fire explosions, tanky as hell, pulls a lot of aggro too, she can nearly handle a horde by herself.

yeah, Sienna unchained bot > all other bots

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How does she handle overheating on legendary when getting hit or grabbed by specials?

Specials that disable sienna no longer give her overcharge.

Blood Magic - To avoid self-detonation, Sienna will no longer convert received damage to overcharge while being incapacitated

She dodges like a maniac and hardly ever takes hits, and when she does she explodes with the F clearing her overcharge and everything around her.

I’ve seen my unchained sienna bot 1v1 a Stormfiend and not take any damage.

She really is a beast.

We should just be able to pick which bot/spec runs with us.

what staff do u run with that?

i’m finding fireball most effective on her bot, but would like to know how other staffs perform on a bot for other people

That particular run I had a beam staff on her, and it was working quite well. I haven’t tried many staffs for her tho bc I don’t always play with bots.

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