Suggestions for Success (SFS)

Love the game and owned it since the beginning of the first Vermintide game. And, I really want the game to succeed and bring in more players. Here I hope I can make a thread for like minded individuals who also want the same thing. A big catch for most players I think would be versus and I’m sure Fat Shark knows that too. Anyway, I’ll start off with the not so obvious. What I think would be a great thing especially if implemented along with versus mode. Cosmetic/veteran item overhaul. The look of each item needs some love. If you have any other suggestions please list them below.

Veteran/cosmetics item overhaul


I´ll shamelessly post some suggestions i´ve seen from here and there here.

  • Options for repairing or customizing the keep a bit.
  • Penalties towards those who shoot their team too much.
  • Crafting system overhaul to handle more stuff at one with less clicking like “scrap all greens/Blues/oranges” for instance.
  • Nerf to either the assassins jump range/increased warning time or remove ability to jump through too many other enemies at once
  • Buff/rework to underwhelming careers like footknight.

Footknight is awesome!!? @Kitten talked (posted) me into trying 2h sword rather than anything else and on higher difficulties it’s amazing!

For everyone else…

Ahem. Back to suggestions.

  • Nerf Kerrillian. Everything. Weapons, Shade Boss Damage, Hagbane FF damage, No more ambient Health Regen, No more Ammo Regen, and so on. If Keri gets more than 30 yards ahead of the team then instant death. I hate Keri with a passion.

  • Deeds. My God rework the deeds so I can pick the modifiers and stack the rewards based upon how difficult I choose to make it.

  • Red skins for sale in the Shop. Come on, I’ve got Kruber over 35+500 levels and still not dropped red 1h mace or red 2h sword skin.

  • Make Handguns Great Again™ Handgun with the HS headshot damage talent should headshot anything up to and including CW at any difficulty. Give it limitless Penetration into hordes and SV patrols. It’s so s…l…o…w it needs the Railgun damage back.

  • Stop weaksauce hits. = getting hit while throwing ULT bomb as RV, getting hit during charge as FK, or when flying through the air as …anyone.

  • Stop the Zealots buffs transferring to ranged OR allowed Unchained buffs to transfer to ranged. One or the other pls.

  • Find something to do with my one squillion chests I haven’t opened (probably got my Red skins I need in there?!! Can’t be bothered to salvage the living t1ts out of everything once my inv is full)… Actually you could add buttons open all, salvage all below red,and so on.

  • Add in titles alongside frames. It might be MUCH EASIER to add titles that are displayed beneath your frame. Lord of the Rings Online had a clever title system. “Assassin Slayer”, “Bane of Hookrats”, TrollSlayer", “Kinslayer”, “Arseh0le Elf” etc.

  • Add Brayshaman, Or Tuskgor, Or Doombull, or something else to flesh out the Moo-Cows. Would give options to tweak them so they’re not just meatshield bully-boys.

Community events more often please!


I think that´s not so much footknight being awesome as it is either of the twohanded swords being awesome once you figure how to use them x)

Exe is pretty straightforward but Greatsword takes a bit more learning.

As for hating on the elf…my only problem with others playing her is either when they use hagbane and shoot their team (i generally dislike anyone shooting their team though) or when they go into melee and drop like flies.

For some reason people playing elf seem especially bad at melee when i see them.

However i do also greatly despise shotgun dwarf, crossbow saltz and Sienna in generally because i know these guys will also run ahead and even if they dont die to the melee they will kill me with random shots and bursts of fire if they ever get the chance . c

Just today i had a Dwarf deal 220 friendly fire damage, a bounty saltz do 180 and yesterday i had a Sienna do 210…i honestly prefer the suicidal elves to this any day T_T

Seems a controversial opinion on here sometimes, but I think FS got a good handle on what improvements would be good and how to handle those, mostly. They’re just not very quick about it, but I don’t think that’s a very bad thing per se. I’m a patient person, and the speed seems to be partly because FS treats its employees with respect instead of working them like slaves so I can’t complain about any of that.

Having said that, specific improvements I’d personally like to see are mostly mentioned (a lot) already on these forums, such as crafting / deeds / traits reworks and some small balancing, and all those things are already on FS’s radar. Let them work on it and release when it’s good, I trust it’s going to be good then based on previous experiences with updates.

But I guess my biggest “in general” feedback would be, that FS sometimes seems like they have an attention deficit disorder. What I mean is that they introduce a game mechanic / feature like Weekly Challenge mode, the Emporium, and so on, and then instead of focusing on tweaking that to its fullest potential they seem to forget about it completely and move on to the next thing. Weeklies & Deed modifiers together have so much more potential if their gamemodes were implemented a bit differently, and we’re hoarding Shillings without being able to buy almost anything new in the store basically since it was released. Nothing FS implements is really bad, and everything has great potential, but because they seem to forget about it as soon as it’s released things always feels a little… half baked. Instead of introducing new stuff, maybe tweak the old stuff to perfection first? I feel there’s more potential in that than there is in adding even more new stuff like keep renovations or whatever.


I think WoM was a massive dropped-ball, but on the whole I thoroughly agree with you - It feels like decisions aren’t snap decisions any more, (remember when we had fast patches and fixing one thing broke something else?) and when they do arrive the decisions are usually a step or a nudge in the right direction. I actually just hope for a BBB v2.0 and we’ll be definitely moving in the right direction.

As an advocate of new maps, I’m very happy with the new Dracenfels and 3 maps/season routine. Seems like it’ll only improve from here - especially as Karkak Asgaraz is now on the horizon :slight_smile:


Where did you get that information from?

Or is that just a suspicion?

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Whatever the name of the next 3 maps is, they most likely have started working on those now. Given the 9ish months they said it takes to make 3 maps, it’ logical, they probably started working on Drachenfels, back when WoM splattered it’s face on the pavement.

Wishful thinking, but they’ve virtually run out of DLC from VT1 to work on now and they’re working on them in order, so my favourite should surely be next…

Even if it did make me rage trying to get a Falcion to drop…

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@TmanDW, been trying to put my finger on it for ages but you’ve described it perfectly. There are plenty of great systems in the game that just need a wee bit of fleshing out. Too often does one thing get pushed out, only for it to be immediately forgotten and the next big idea announced.

For me, the crafting system overhaul is number 1 on my wishlist. Next would be more keep customisation.


It’s not that we’re bad at melee, but there is a gigantic risk in going melee as Kerilian has next to no damage mitigation and takes only 4-5 hits to fall (3-4 if up against beastmen).

Weaves season two patch remember. If that one was solved things would definitely be going in the right direction :slight_smile:

Remove extra health, damage mitigation and curse resistance from gear and you’ll start appreciating those 4-5 hits. Then put everything back on and it’s god mode even with the squishy classes. Not even joking :ok_hand:

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  • Rework Crafting (in order to progress towards Reds you want): This could be fixed fairly easy with a band-aid solution such as the ability to convert dust upwards at a loss/cost (example: 50 orange dust = 1 red dust). I play pretty often and even at 500+ orange dust this would only get me 2 reds of my choosing I think that’s pretty fair 250 oranges = 1 red

  • Rework Loot system: So the general loot box system from misions is just fine, but players are left with a huge amount of scrap, weapon parts, jewelry parts and other crafting mats that simply stockpile and are not used. You get to a point where if its not a Red from a chest you simply don’t care and made no progression towards getting all your characters the red weapons they want. Why not have the ability to dump weapon parts in order to make Weapon crates , of different tiers / quality based on how much scrap, weapon parts, and dust they take to create, with the highest tier craft-able weapon crate being at minimum 1 guaranteed red, can do the same for jewelry although that is kind of a non issue, usually people get all the red jewelry they ever need pretty quick. I think these additional crafting options to make specific loot crates would certainly help players progressing towards the red weapons and cosmetics they want, while still having some RNG

  • Rework Careers that are lacking: I mean this is kind of a given, and everyone’s going to say this one. Immediately comes to at least my mind is Ranger Veteran, and Footknight

  • Rework Traits: There is very little build diversity at the top, and even in the middle and low end players will quickly learn how many of the traits are just completely useless or overshadowed by Swiftslaying / Barkskin / Conservative / Scrougner. Not advocating for these traits to be nerfed but to either buff or rework the other traits to the point that you WANT to try builds with other traits because it allows you do something different or is interesting enough to feel like you wish you could have all the traits but have to choose what you prefer.

  • Rework Deeds: I completely disagree that deeds should come from loot boxes. It should be a separate challenge mode that players can customize or allow the system to randomize it for higher rewards. The way I see it you should be able to select deeds, click either Randomized Deed and it will show you the modifiers are your loading into the mission, and you get a extra QP bonus to end loot for choosing randomize. Or you can select and tack on more and more modifiers of your choosing and play thru deeds that way for more and more rewards (Depending on how many modifiers you tack on and how difficult it is) each modifier could easily be assigned background stats for difficulty rating as to how much they will increase the loot by for the extra chest(s).

This would also give a new way to play for veteran players as a challange mode… Think you can beat Skittergate with lets say… 5 extra modifiers? 6? knock yourself out… or get eaten by rats and die-die! Upping the playability of this game mode would be as easy as making new modifiers to throw into the pool of Deed/mission modifiers. Maybe even harder for themselves by activating Twitch mode while also doing Deeds for maximum self inflicted punishment

  • Tune Under performing weapons: Much like lacking careers this is an easy one. I don’t advocate for any career or weapon to be flat nerfed. Some weapons will always come out in the end to be the best, even if by a small margin. But its key to make sure its by a small margin and not a clear and obvious difference in effectiveness / reliability.

  • Versus mode: Plz Plz I want to play at Skaven Yes-yes!

  • Trait overhaul
  • Some odd Talents being looked at, or weak Talents improved/changed
  • Some weak/awkward Weapons made more viable
  • A way to break out of disablers grip
  • Sprint
  • Athanor Crafting system on Adventure Mode

I myself mainly play kerillian so i do not associate dying in just a hit or two as being bad, what i do consider bad however is taking hits that should be easily avoided or being beaten by easy opponents.

2 stormvemin should not be hard to handle when using a spear and taking like 2000 damage by the end of the run while consuming copious amounts of healing is also bad.

Gigantic risk? Not really though, how many melee careers actually have damage mitigation and use it aside from Ironbreaker with his passive?

Mercenaries can easily play without it and do just fine, slayer can do without it and so can Sienna although she has blockcost reduction instead.

Witchhunter does not have any.

Skillful melee is not relying on damage reduction to pummel through any kinds of hordes&opponents, i am fairly sure no one does this in practice to any success not even the Ironbreakers.

Skillful melee, is to dodge, push and time one´s attacks properly, and this is what i see most elves, particularly the other waystalkers, fail badly at.

Well not all of them but the majority i´ve played with in the last few days since i went on a spree with saltz and kruber at least x)

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Kerillian is fine as is but spear needs to be more powerful
Deeds need quickplay, same for fortunes of war
Weaves need better reward or something to make more players play them
New Maps!


I’m not talking about obvious, right-in-your-face hits that you should’ve seen and dodged from miles away. No, I keep taking unfair hits from backstabs with no sound or enemies that spawn right in my face.

The phrase “damage mitigation” was a poor choice. I meant staying power, as in stamina, max health and the stamina cost of riposte. I main warglaive, you see- which only has 2 shields of stamina.
Alas, I think I just need to git gud and focus more.

Not sure if sarcastic or not but glaive is way harder to utilize than it used to be. If you compare it to most played(?) sword and dagger they’re just miles apart when it comes to handling various melee situations.

No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. Apologies if it came across that way.

Those are a risk for anyone, and perhaps even greater for the backliners who are standing around and aiming shots : P

Those hits are easier to avoid, even by accident, when dodging around in melee or fighting with your back to a spot without spawns^^

I mainly tend to drop when hit from behind while aiming down some shot or when in melee and the wrong special appears, hordes, patrols and bosses i can manage but something like an assassin or firerat in the wrong place leaves me helpless x)

ohh, well that explains a fair bit.

I personally find the glaive difficult to use as i honestly cant play Keri without a lot of dodging involved and while it´s a fun and unusually quick two hander it´s defensive aspects leave a lot to be desired.

(In my opinion)

If you can manage to do well on the Glaive i´d say you´re already doing plenty well :sweat_smile:

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