Suggestions To Make This Game More Fun

First and foremost, one of the things I think needs to happen is I really want fat shark to actually play this game and test out things the way people are trying them, because they should in theory be able to just unlock perks or give themselves blessings and things like that with debabilities that none of us have access to, so there should be no reason why they can’t test out these features as people are mentioning them…

Regardless, I’mma get to my point before I start becoming a long-winded and go off track…

  • Specials need to not follow you midway through their Attack Jump (AKA: Pox Hounds)

  • ALL Melee Enemies need to not “COD Knife Slide” toward you still even after you’ve already dodged back from the attack (Light moving like we do is fine, but sliding is a no)

  • Bring in the Weapon Attachments like what was shown in the Launch Trailer, so that no matter the Mark of Weapon, we can add a Laser (for hipfire), a Holographic Sight, Scope, ACOG Sight, a Grip of some sort (recoil reduction, either Vertical, Horizontal, or a Balance), FLASHLIGHT ESPECIALLY for things like a Boltor, etc. AND MAKE SURE ALL GUNS CAN HAVE THESE. IF I WANT SOMETHING SILLY LIKE A FULLY AUTOMATIC GUN WITH A SCOPE, LET MEH TAKE IT PLZ.

  • Make all the Materials piled into one pool between all of your created characters, cash can be kept separate.

  • Make Weapons able to be broken down for Materials, ALL of them.

  • Add a RED rarity, like you guys had in Vermintide 2, but it costs a lot to get, or is only available in Melk’s shop for 5,000 Ordo Dockets or whatever. (Maxed Perk Rolls and Re-Rolls, and Blessing Bonuses all are T4, or just keep the Perks Maxed)

  • PLEASE come out with more Weapon Skins, and new maps. Also, the idea of changing around the color of your clothes wouldn’t be bad, but not required.