A few little changes that would help me like the game more

Hi Fatshark and players!

I’ve been having fun playing so far, the gameplay is very enjoyable. However, I feel, like many before me, that the systems outside of missions could use some changes.

I’d like to offer a few quick examples of changes that would help me enjoy the game more.

First of all, I’d like to be more incentivised to play. How about make it so you always win something for completing a level? I suggest that you always either win a weapon or a number of shop re-rolls. That way I’d rather stay a bit longer and play to see a new shop selection than leave the game and refresh my mobile browser in bed every hour.

Another way to incentivise me to play and also help build a closer connection with my weapons could be to introduce a weapon progression system. For example, for every mission that you complete with a weapon you can add 1% to one of the stats of that weapon up to a maximum of 80 for one stat and, say, 400 total. This way if I buy a 376 weapon in a shop I will want to win at least 24 missions with it to see it’s true potential unfold.

Second of all, reduce some shop RNG. How about make it so you can request a certain weapon at a vendor’s and then you’re guaranteed that it’ll come up in some form the next time the shop refreshes? Later you might add something like specific mission conditions that a vendor asks you to complete, little cutscenes (“Oh, you want a Kantrael mark 12? It’s really difficult to get, but if you do something for me, I might talk to this one guy I know…”) or sth.

Of course finish crafting please. I wouldn’t mind the option to change both blessings, even if the second re-bless cost a considerable amount of Diamantine.
Also, please make it so I don’t have to click the re-perk button 1000 times to get what I want. Once I get to the point when I’m doing it for free why not just let me choose the perk or at least make it so it only rolls maximums?

Lastly, please improve the matchmaking system. Somebody here suggested that you should be able to choose your desired difficulty first and then see the selection of missions with various conditions in your desired difficulty. I really like that idea.

I’m not new to your games, I have over 2000 hours in Vermintide 2, so I am confident that you will be able to fix the crashes and bugs, which of course should be priority, but I also felt inspired to provide a few suggestions of not-so-complex changes that would make me like the game more.

Good luck with your work on this game and I hope it’ll grow and make people come back.


The weapon progression is a good idea.

Yeah… not sure on the specifics, but weapon progression seems like an amazing idea. Even if it didn’t affect the stats but allowed you to change the visuals (like an evolving skin). Anything to increase player investment.