General Improvement Ideas

Hi Fatshark team

I have some ideas for improving the overall fun in the game and hopefully the community will agree, I love this game and I’ve already put 275 hrs into the game. As a Zealot main there are some improvements I will suggest for us Mele focused people and also for weapons or upgrading.

Firstly please stop the game putting us into lobby’s where we fight against gunner enemies only, It gets boring having them shred you all game and as a mele focused person I don’t enjoy fighting only ranged enemies… This game is far better when you fight diverse enemies or mele focused enemies.

Please fix hit registration problems with Zealots thunder hammer.

When you introduce RED (because we know you will) weapons to the game can you make it so we can change both perks and both blessings? make REDS very rare but make it so they are worth having.

Introduce a weapon tier higher than RED maybe GREEN which are exotics that have pre-defined perks and Perks, Blessings that you cant get on any other weapon.

Also introduce a way to upgrade stats in the crafting station so we can upgrade a perk or blessing from 1 to 4 including the ability to upgrade locked perks or blessings.

Thank you.

If this rarity comes from sheer material cost (or tough challenges required to beat), fine.
If this rarity comes from low drop chance RNG, please no.