Darktide is Mostly negative on Steam with 39% recent reviews

Yes. That’s why I think they may be re-designing it again, before roll-out, instead. Maybe they realized that the core crafting system sucked really bad.

Same here. I expected quite a bit of turbulence but not this.


You have hopes… In my opinion, they just port the game to the xbox and they won’t change anything.
But by suggesting such things, they are buying time from their customers.


If they decided to redesign something, it would be a lot more logical to do it before releasing it to the console. I would guess that rolling this first on PC would also be convenient for the same reasons.

Frankly I did not put a thumb down cause of the plans about crafting. Crafting, like they described it, is good enough for me.
I don’t see a lot of people complaining about it. However, Isee a lot of people that are pointing that we do not have it and that they promised it to be released in december. People point also the Next week we get for 3 weeks. People point also the fact of no new content and patch for 1 month… and I am kind cause it was a hotfix so not any new content.
I really don’t think they will redesign anything. Maybe few changes, but redesign parts of the game? can’t believe it. They did not succeed to give us crafting in time, and they need to port the game to xbox…they don’t have time to redesign the game.

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You make it sound like it’s a rewrite of the entire game. It is not. The main decision they have is conceptual, i.e. whether the RNG will be reduced to something more experiment friendly and less inflated retention oriented. While my personal opinion is that the item system is something to be purged with fire and while I have several ideas how to redo it (AE, Melk, Omnissiah), it’s their decision - I’ve seen a number of people expressing their opinions and I see no point in talking to the wind by adding my own ideas.
If they decide to reduce significantly RNG, the simplest solution would be to force AE to offer at least one item of each type and not to refresh that often, preferably with better presentation/sorting. Anything else can come later.
There are also possiblities which would require more thorough changes, but, again, it all depends on potential design changes.

I am glad for you that you like the crafting as announced. I don’t see other people expressing satisfaction with the idea and for me it definitively sucks for all the reasons mentioned so far.

However, again, what I’m saying is that if they decide to significantly change certain design concepts - which I hope they will - it would not make a lot of sense to release the console version with the old concepts implemented. That was the point of my reply to your message, which I understood as “their priority is Xbox (instead of other design changes) and they will change nothing for that release”. I apologize for the confusion if I had misunderstood you.

Just mad “adults” seriously. Even reading through the negative reviews is…

“DT is a good game, BUT…” is mostly the first sentence. I mean, yes if you dislike some stuff it´s up to you. But a lot is just written down by mad humans and not even close to be a fair or atleast objectively judge about the game.

And being mad now, because there was no big patch yet is nothing but ridiculous. Players want them “to hear”, but this needs changes and such changes need time.

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Bro are you implying the game launched in a complete state? The people saying “the gameplay is great but” are completely correct. It doesn’t help that they said they will roll out crafting, didn’t do it and then never even talk about it.


Haha, no, that’s too strong a word.

I believe their intentions may be good, and that they’re trying to better the product, but I have my doubts about the result.

Did you notice how many of the good reviews that end with a recommendation not to buy the game? I did.


Steam Review is flawed anyway, there is rarely anything that I’d fully recommend or that I’d recommend against

Like If there were Positive/Negative and Neutral it would be much better imo

Maybe not counting them in the % or making them a separate count

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I´m not saying they´re not correct, but leaving a negative review because a feature is still missing or just because you dislike how the side-stuff works is not fair at all. Or even “review-bombing” because of a missing community update…
This game is clearly not the next gen ultimate game a bunch of players hoped for, but it´s also not that big of a mess a lot want to make it out to be. The core is there and it´s great.

This is definately missing, but i seriously doubt a lot will use it. The most will stick to negative for any reason. It´s just another vent for whatever is wrong…

37% atm

1.) Reviews always evaluate the development of a game. An abandonned game leads to bad reviews. Here, not even an hotfix for 1 month, the next week policy and the promises not fullfilled have lead to bad reviews. This is a live game service. You review also that. Also, you review the reactivity of the dev and the game.
2.) Reviews are also judging the interest of a game… not only its potential. For me, the lack of crafting leads to less interest and the limitation of the gameplays I can test.
3.) They sold it like a FINISHED game, not an open beta, not an early access. They said they would deliver missing feature quickly. And they did not do it. Would you advice to buy a car if it is delivered without tires? I don’t…
4.) What you call review bombing is not. Until now people have been patient and considered the plans of FS. Now, they have run out of patience with the next week policy. Also, it is the only way to make FS listen to us. They did not until now. And if they continue, their game will worth nothing when they will finish their port to the xbox. That’s up to them to not reach this point.

I say it… I have put a thumb up when I’ve bought the game, and have changed this for a thumb down cause of the promises not fullfilled and the next week policy. It will remain like that until that they give us, at least, crafting. Without that, it is hard to go for damnation maps and test templates (yea, I play heresy but start to go in damnation missions).


Leaving a negative review because you dislike the game is the entire point of the reviews, what are you even saying.
I’ll go even further: the steam reviews ask the question “Do you recommend this game?”. There are feature complete games that I do not recommend because I don’t think they’re fun, well made, or worth the price. There are games that I enjoy, but I still don’t recommend to people other than me, because I realize it’s my niche, and I’m willing to overlook issues for the sake of a setting I like, or a developer I want to support, so they can keep improving.
Darktide isn’t even a good game, and Fatshark narrowly avoided all saving graces on top of that. Mostly negative. Well earned.


They already made changes to the server, changed modifiers and fixed some stuff on maps / seem to have added more spots in “events” and so on this week. Some stuff can be done without even mentioning somewhere since it´s server-related.

Also again… poeple want changes. It´s wasted to bring hotfixes for minor-issues instead of making changing that actually have an impact and test them with what needs to be fixed anyway.
It´s 100 times more effective than testing the whole game for every hotfix.

You mean something like “Yeah game is cool, i´ve invested 400 hours, but since crafting is missing and i don´t go any further to 1000h, i´ll rate it negative.”
Like common… Poeple lose interest caused by different reasons. There are games you finish in 10hours and they still cost 40 or even more bucks. Yet they´re still great games in the core, no matter the replay-ability.

You never buy a finished game at a live-service game. You pay for a key to get access as long as the servers running.
Of course it does suck that this game had / has issues and crafting is still incomplete, but giving a bad review because there is missing support, when they clearly want to make changes and even made a survey about is, is nonsense.
If you want changes, then patience is needed.

There is a difference in dislike a whole game or just an aspect, or if you are just mad cause the devs don´t communicate right now.

Again, you don’t want to listen to it… it is not just that. It is

  • promises not fullfilled (crafting)
  • lack of communication
  • next week excuse used a lot
  • lack of new content
  • holidays that seems to have lasted more than the 2 weeks even if they say it was
  • no new content for more than 1 month
  • lot of gameplay bugs not fixed (and several that seems easy to fix like mistakes in descriptions)
  • GPU crashes not fixed for people that encounter them
  • RTX that makes the game crashes
  • RNG that is really frustrating

I quote you the conclusion of my evalutation on steam:
So, is this game good?
It will but take in consideration that this is an open beta where you pay to enter in it, in other words, an early access game.

If you want a finished good game, wait for 6 or 12 months.
For this reason, I cannot advice it for now as the game is described like finished, which is obviously not


I do listen. It´s just that “broken promises” or “no permanent communication” or overall FS´s decision-making has nothing to do with the game itself. Right now it´s more of abusing steam-reviews to moan about FS than actually rating the state of the game.

It´s something different if you judge about it by crashes or bugs yes.

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So, if I consider what you wrote, you review games for what they could be and not for what they are? So you review the game with considering features that are not here and maybe will never be here?
Then, I hope you say it in your reviews. Cause I usually look at review and I would not be mislead by one of yours.
Off course broken promises is important… Actually we don’t even know if they will implement crafting, when, how, and what. Crafting is THE thing that is important for me. So, off course, I took this into consideration when reviewing.
At first I put a thumb up, cause I had good hope they would deliver it in time. In january I said myself I will wait a little. Now that we get every week the “next week” excuse, I changed my review. And that’s perfectly normal, they deserve it.
This is the game I review, not what it could be. I agree it “COULD” be a great game. But could is not the same as “IS


The negatives out weighed the positives, therefore, a negative review.


You should read properly…

Imagine not everyone is following games for ages until they get released or something and not everyone just sits there waiting for more communication or big patches.

It´s not about “what could be”, IT IS about how the game is RIGHT NOW. And no, broken promises or a lack of communication have NO value if we talk about HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED.

You judge about what is in the game, if the game is fun, maybe even what you want to see in the future. In the best case you even try to stay objectively. But no, poeple just judge about FS mostly instead of rating the game how it is.

Let´s be honest… if all ppl would rate games like “They said X, but changed stuff so Y is in the game, please don´t buy it.”, then we shouldn´t play any game anymore.

In other words, I should have put a negative review since the beginning.
As I said, I made a review about the state of the game ACTUALLY.
I said that the game is great… but people that want a FINISHED game should not buy it.
That’s why I do not advice it. Cause Steam asks us if we advice a game. I do not actually.
That’s why I also said that people could come back in few months to check what is the state of development for this game.
I won’t recommend a game unfinished where we don’t even know what they will do, when they will consider our feedbacks, when they will finish the game and give us CORE features. People that buy a game it is to play it.
When I buy a game, I look at all rviews. Good and bad. Actually my review doesn’t say anything than “good game but be ready to play in an early access game, and not a finished game”. And sorry, but it is entirely true.