The current state of Darktide since Jan 1 (39%, mostly negative). Jan 17 edition

Reviews are sitting at 39% since Jan 1. It has now reached mostly negative since the beginning of the month.

Current players on Steam

Current state of the game on Twitch

Current level of copium

Last community update on Dec 14 (over a month ago)

Hedge, dont fuse this one with my other one, id like to keep doing this every week.



This is getting sad.

Vermintide 2 panel I think you wanted to add the live for DT & it was misclick for copy link? :slight_smile:

Every evening when coming home from work I’m opening these fora hoping to see a new announcement and every day since last week now I have been disappointed.
I’m hoping for something by the end of the week now, after that I think I will just be giving up on my hopes.


yeah DT would be lower lol

At least it’s the best shitty game I’ve played!

The potential is infinite, which makes this situation infinitely more sad.


Good catch, I have edited my post. Thanks mate.

This game has died a death. Send flowers?


Yeah that community announcment better be something else based on what catfish has said on that reddit thread.

Agreed, the gameplay actually feels good, it’s just sad all the supporting systems are absolutely wretched.

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This should be the theme music for these threads.


I love this game and am still playing it 2-3 hours daily but its getting really frustrating trying to hunt for specific things having to wait for the hourly shop to refresh and maybe getting what i want is really killing it for me. For example i haven’t seen a Zarona stub revolver in the store since i was leveling my vet at launch and i want to get one so i can do the fire all shots with perfect accuracy and end the level without ammo penance done. And don’t get me started on the crafting system its just horrendous. This game should have been in early access instead of full release. If they had done this they could have avoided a healthy amount of backlash.




That’s my prefered song of the end of evangelion!

I think at that time the game was in a better shape than now

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That response from Catfish was surprisingly informative of whats actually going on.

Without diving too deep into it, We can see that the devs have taken our feedback and pivoted on the design direction. This tells us that they do actually understand the problems we have with the game.

They cant tell us what the plan is … Because they havent solidified a plan of action.
Their original plan met the players in the form of Darktide at release and all hell broke loose.
So whatever post-vacation plans they had that were based on prelaunch information is no longer viable.

It would actually be MORE damaging to the game to release a halfassed “Yeah we hear you, stuff is coming we promise” with no substantive information just to tick a box saying “We communicated”.

I’m not happy about the silence, But Catfish’s post there at least lets me know that the devs are listening and more importantly working.

So i’ll reserve judgement until i see whatever it is they’re cooking up.
The core nuggets of Darktide, its gameplay, is good enough to warrant some hope that they’ll be able to work with us to get the peripheral systems into a good place.

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This is elite levels of copium

Catfish’s message says nothing of value. What systems are they looking at? What feedback are they listening to?

You directly contradict yourself saying it would be worse if all they said is “we hear you, we’re working”… that’s EXACTLY what Catfish posted, there’s 0 substantive information to be found in the response.

It’s obvious Fatshark management don’t see this as a serious or bad situation. You don’t put a junior employee directly into a burning fire… then again, getting Hedge away from the keyboard should be the first priority


Catfish directly gave the reason for the silence. Stop reading what you want to read and understand the words as written.

That post revealed why theres been silence (Fatshark do not have a concrete update to give) and indicated whats going on (Feedback being acted on, changes getting signed off and general fixes being worked on).

They cant give us a full community update because there is presently no concrete plan to present. Catfish literally tells us that in the wording.
Hence my comments reagrding empty statements.
That response was to the question of why was there silence. We now know why there is silence: They are actually attempting to address our concerns.

They cannot just spew out some random platitudes and vague promises.
Anything Fatshark says in a proper community update is going to be picked apart by the community, So approaching us without something substantive is a bad move.

The silence sucks, but given the information presented, it is somewhat justified. Sometimes, Silence IS the answer.

I don’t care if you think its copium.
I’m capable of calmly assessing the information given and being patient. Are you?


Your paragraph defending the corpo’s useless “update” is longer than the update

Keep huffing the copium, hold Fatshark to a normal standard and you’ll realize they are scamming you