The future of Darktide is vague (a transparency issue)

It seems a lot of people from the community are asking questions about the future of Darktide.
The news are rare and the community is eager for new content, we can’t rush Fatshark but i feel it would be nice to have a little more transparency.

Player polls are unused and the future of the game looks vague and underwhelming.

In this era, games come and go really quickly, if you want the community to stay, give us something worth staying!

No resource is as precious as time and people are not willing to waste it if they don’t think it will be worth it.

I adore the game, it feels amazing to play, the feedback of combat and the intensity of missions is really well done.

I just wanna know, is it worth it to continue loving Darktide or should i move on to another game?

Share ideas with us, work with the community, we are all so excited to see what’s next and offer our thoughts!


This has been a very one sided relationship… they deliver, but it’s slow and quiet until it happens.


Biggest thing that will stop you from loving it. Either you have to accept the slow update speed or move on. It is very sad.

I’ll say wait until May 23rd, and we are getting some form of news for the Warhammer video game event. If it’s nothing big, than probably move on. Fatshark goes on break during the Summer so that means we probably won’t see anything else until after August.

I’d be fine with the slow update speed if they just did some balance changes every month or 2 to shake things up. Thats all you need.


I’ve been getting into Helldivers 2 recently and I’ve actually been really enjoying it. Haven’t touched Darktide in a good bit due to it and I don’t really regret it. Helldivers also has active & consistent updates ALONG WITH TRANSPARENCY; hell even their CEO goes out of his way to interact with his community.

How Darktide gets their “feedback” is from their small private discord of suck ups and bootlickers; they don’t actually look on the forums or even seriously take into account most things on their official/open discord server. So yes I wouldn’t consider your time being worth spent on Darktide at this point; it’s run by a small tight nit group of losers tbh.

Here’s a funny lookback on a tweet from the HD2 CEO on the Sony drama with Helldivers (that is over since Sony backed Tf off)

The closest thing we got to this from Darktide was that really lame & half-hearted corpo NPC apology letter from the CEO about how bad the game dropped.

Regardless; here’s what to expect from the next communication from FS:


It sure would be nice to know what they’re thinking of doing for the itemisation and crafting systems so we could give feedback early so they don’t waste time… But it is what it is.


See, that would require they consider the players worthy of having opinions and input.

They’re Fatshark. They only care when cosmetics money stops coming in.


Do you genuinely believe that, or are you just venting frustration?


fatshark works slow. you’re not going to make them go faster by whining. they’ll announce content when the content is ready.


The Chaos Wastes
Announced 13 Apr 2021, released the 20 April 2021

→ 7 days

Grail Knight
announced on 12 June 2020, and was released on 23 June 2020.

→ 11 days

Outcast Engineer
announced on 17 November 2020, and was released on 19 November 2020.

→ 2 days

Sister of the Thorn
announced and released on 3 June 2021.

→ 0 days

announced and released on 10 December 2021

→ 0 days

announced on 23 August 2023, and was released on 19 October 2023.

→ 57 days

Not saying as if it’s a good thing, but FS is a secretive company, even before they did Vt2, but in Vt2 they tried to actually have a public roadmap (as we know they have an internal one), but it cause so many issues and was thrown in their face so often (rightfully I would add) that they became even more secretive than before.

They aren’t dropping the game, they aren’t big enough and resilient enough to be able to pump games like some other company. And we do know that certain things will happen, modes have been mentioned for example and they know we loved Chaos Waste.

But people would then have to understand that what is shown isn’t promised, things can go side way, with the risk rising when you snnounce it further away than its ready.

Let’s take a valid known example, earlier this year we datamined a Coach Gun, the chances of it happening are 80%, model is already there and all, but at the same time, it could be stopped for other reason, and that particular weapon be held back, some people think that because its datamined, its 100% gonna be in game. But there are more things and it can happen that datamined or announced content doesn’t release exactly as it was seen.

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I just wish we went back to the old days and developers did interviews in mags and that was all you got.

Gamers these days are entitled little $&*$%

FatShark has no obligation to pander to yourself importance.

What FatShark doesn’t have the right to do, is treat their customers (us) like mugs, mislead us, or use any sinister forms of manipulation to force player behaviour.

And… Not break the law from a trading standard point of view, by promising/promoting things like not having RNG crafting as mechanic (which it still states on their website) and then not implementing it, in order to increase sales… Which in the UK is illegal. IF you sell something on the premise of x, y, and z, then you don’t deliver or have no intention of delivering, then that is breaking UK trading standard rules.

FatShark are currently breaking UK law, I believe.


Just to let people know, it seems that FatShark have removed this page…

FatShark are covering their tracks, unfortunately for them, I have a lot of screens prints of what they said.

EDIT: Nope, I was wrong, it is still there, just ignore this post (for now) as it is always good to double check ya facts. But then adds weight to the fact that they are breaking UK trading laws by promoting a mechanic they haven’t implement for 18+ months.

Crafting in Darktide


Im no lawyer but, I dont think they are breaking any trading laws at all here.

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Trades description act, I think it would fall under.

  1. What counts as a misleading or aggressive trading practice?

Both misleading and aggressive practices are prohibited when dealing with consumers if they are likely to affect the average consumer’s decision. Misleading or aggressive practices include:

  • providing false information (for example, about a product, its benefits and so on)
  • omitting important information
  • creating confusion with competitors’ products (for example, by giving your product a name very similar to a leading brand)

failing to follow the rules of a code of conduct to which you subscribe

harassing, coercing or unduly influencing consumers, either physically or psychologically.

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Fatshark’s solution to that is to simply delete the initial statement or declare it as ‘no longer being true’. To paraphrase Hedge: What they said back then was true then but now isn’t. This isn’t lieing. It just changed.

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It is if they are still using that statement.

And they are as of today.

I mean, thats all a bit hazy imo.

You would have to prove that they arent planning to deliver it, which you cant, and that it cost you money and that the game is unplayable or completely different than the game you gave money for, which it isnt.

Best you could get is a refund from Steam. The product is still able to be used and is entirely fit for purpose. They could never release a crafting update and I still dont think you would have a case except a refund from point of sale (if on console, good luck with that!)

Im not defending it, I just doubt you could make any form of case that they havent already covered themselves with in a contract.


Well, it is.

I have autism and RNG does my nut in and avoid games with RNG as I end up get seriously p*ssed at it.

It’s been 18 months and they are still advertising that RNG statement of theirs.

It’s false advertising, unless they bring out a statement that they are actually working on an RNG crafting system, which they haven’t.

You’d have to prove that a game studio is being intentionally deceptive, as MunKy mentioned. Not saying the miscomm is right, but I don’t think the RNG triggering certain issues would qualify as you could write to Steam for a refund rather than continuing to play it.

Yes, I agree FS is very RNG happy with their games for reasons beyond me, but that doesn’t hold up in a lawsuit the way you’re suggesting it would.


It is if they are still promoting which they are, and have no intention of making it so.

And it if not having RNG in it one of the massive reasons and for many other people that they purchased the game, then it is misleading.

But do you know for sure that’s why consumers are purchasing it? I’d assume the reason of purchase is enjoyment of the combat and 40k rather than, “is it RNG?” Yeah, crafting with RNG is a problem, but I’d bet that’s not the main reason people purchase Darktide or not.

The cost of harm to the market is not a large one in terms of a lawsuit standing as FS is not taking your money and running as Steam has measures in places for refunds as well as reviews to create informed decisions; and these are likely things that a court of law would factor in.