Fatshark's Silence is Deafening

This post is going to be fairly short and to the point.

Fatshark’s silence over the past weeks is absolutely deafening.

Fatshark is being hammered with criticisms from active players begging them to fix the game, the number of concurrent players is hemorrhaging aggressively; yet Fatshark has seen fit to greet the community with complete and utter silence.

This seems like a fairly critical period for the game to get new content (not new PAID COSMETICS in the automatically cycling cash shop) and, more importantly, make strides to be a functionally complete game with features that support what’s great about the game instead of attempting to promote logins through timers and RNG: gameplay.

You made this game for people to play it, didn’t you? This is a genuine question at this point because with the supplemental features surrounding the game, they all seem to be actively taking away from players desires to play the game. Instead of playing, people are hovering around a shop for a few minutes, then logging out. If people ARE playing, they’re not playing for the fun of the game anymore, they’re working on awful self-serving penances or grinding for resources.

None of that is fun, Fatshark. Stop making it so hard to want to play the game to have fun.


I’d be playing more if the game didn’t crash constantly. I don’t even get enough time to get disillusioned with the state of the game’s other aspects.


Wait until you realise (after you have been able to play more), that the whole item system is an RNG based slot machine with almost zero chance to build (or “craft”) the weapons you want/need for your builds.

Regarding the topic:

I think it’s possible that **** is literally on fire at their office atm. Like they are really baffled by the backlash and overwhelmed. Now they try to steer the wheel around and overhaul the whole RNG “system” they implemented (both item shop and crafting wise (looking at you perk reroll lock).

There’s hope, I guess.

Or they keep being silent and ignorant to the serious concerns of their playerbase. They will lose their core playerbase then, but maybe continue to milk casual whales and die hard wh40k fanbois.

Who knows.

I myself quit Darktide a few days ago due to the RNG slot machine item loot system. I have no way in which i can actively get my hands on weapons I want. They dont have to be perfect. But give me at least the possibility to add the perks / blessings I want. Even low-mid tier I dont care.

Now I am seriously frightened that they will keep that BS perk lock (only 1 perk refinable) and will give us the possibility to only rebless ONE blessing instead of both blessings on a weapon.

I dont mind grinding plasteel.

But I do mind that its basically useless in the end because RNG slot machine mechanics.

All that’s left is ranting about it in this forum.

I do want to love this game so hard. I would spend bazillions of aquilas if its decent and they add cool stuff over time.

Right now I despise the game and the company behind it.


They’re hoping that by staying silent, things will just blow over and everyone will suddenly forget everything. The only thing that’s happening is that everyone playing are seeing truly what Fatshark is, and leaving in droves.


I quit playing just before Christmas when I finished leveling my third class to 30 and realized that it takes a long time to gather enough plasteel for an upgrade and it feels really bad when over and over Hadron gives you a worthless blessing or perk, effectively ruining the item.

Edit: Also the inability to choose what mission, difficulty, and modifiers I play means that half the time I log in and it’s like the guy opening the fridge meme: Nothing on offer right now is appealing.

Basically at that point I’m left just checking the shop forever until it has exactly what I want, and I have better things to do with my time.

So this week I am hoping for a community update from FatShark where they address the community’s actual concerns instead of gaslighting us with “Ah yes, the problem with Penances is the confusing wording!” Or “Shared resources would go against the original design intent!” Or “Multiple cash shop pages are too confusing for your smooth Reject brains!” Or “Bundles of 2400 Aquilas are immeasurably complex but also we just forgot to add them oopsy poopsy”

Whatever their next communication is, it has to acknowledge the stuff people are actually upset about. It’s not too late to win a lot of us back, but if they pull another stunt like the last two newsletters they’re just gonna keep hemmorhaging players until it’s not even worth supporting the game anymore.


100% agree with everything you said.

Thing is, when they mess up again, we at least can witness the ****storm from hell.

This will be entertaining for a few days

(Ofc it would be way better for us and them if they got rid of the stupid RNG mechanics, crafting limitations and stability issues…)


Well, with how things are currently playing, I don’t think it’s going to work out. We gain new angry players on a near daily basis joining this forum, voicing their frustration, echoing the overall sentiment that we’ve all been complaining about since Pre-“Beta”. It’s time for Fatshark to drop the charade and confront their community. The sooner Darktide reaches an acceptable state. The sooner some of us can leave these forums and go enjoy the game.


It’s not about them saying something. It’s about them doing something. It doesn’t matter what they say if then the game is in the state it is. The acts speak for themselves.

They will be able to say that they are sorry, that they have listened to the community and that they are going to fix the problems. Like they have already learned from the errors of v1 and v2? It doesn’t matter what they say.

What they have to do is leave the game in the state it had to be when launching. And that includes from more free classes to more game modes and maps. And when they have that, they can start thinking about adding paid content.

The reality is that they will change some stuff for the unbelievers who still trust FS or do not know them, and they will quickly put paid content back. And then back to disappointment again.


You guys do realize that we just had the Christmas and New Year Holiday season? Most of the employees have most likely had some vacation during that period and are only returning to the office this week.

If there is no word from FS by next week, then you can get the forks and torches out.


Tbf, their inability to communicate with their audience have nothing to do with tencent, they’ve always been this bad, if not even worse before Tencent.


Hey, as Taragin mentioned, a chunk of the office was away on holiday, and for many Swedes, it’s common to take Christmas to Three Kings Day off. The sharks are back in the tank, which means we can start discussing, developing, and getting game updates out again. We’re looking at having comms out earliest this week.


It’s fine that they go silent as long as content start dropping, and drop fast! But it’s fatshark, they plan for nothing so I wouldn’t be surprised if we will see a “you are all wrong, we will change nothing, sorry not sorry” post from their delusional lead developer before we see any real content drop.


It isn’t about getting the pitchforks out, it’s about them giving people a reason to finally put them down

Didn’t you claim earlier that you already had one ready to go but wanted to wait until new year? What happened to that?


Aqshy, you’re great but you’re missing the elephant in the room.

Fatshark, as a company, chose to release an unfinished game before going on a planned vacation.

They promised they’d have the crafting system out by the end of December, which was…during their planned vacation.

Are you seeing the issue, here?


So… Next week, the third week of January, is when we should expect comms/updates?

Its become a running gag among my friendship group that if someone from Fatshark says this week, it’ll be next week or the week after. If they say this month, it’ll be a six month wait. If they say later in the year… It’s not going to happen.

I would say no offense, I certainly don’t mean to cause offense, but it’s incredibly hard to say y’all are kind of terrible at communication without it being somewhat accusatory.


Sure, further discussions happened internally; big ones; so comms needed to be rewritten and re-firmed up. In order to put those comms out, those discussions need to conclude internally, which couldn’t happen until after the holidays.


Fantastic. This is good news to read. Any idea when the developers will address the loot shop? The earliest the better. That’s one of the main problems affecting me personally.


The tencent argument is getting tiresome and old.

FS has always been absolute sh*t at communicating with players, and absolute sh/t at releasing polished products or even polished updates, nothing has changed in the ways of FS since the Tencent acquisition, they are just doing the same they’ve always done, just on a bigger scale.

Funny, this argument is always brought by people who have been on these forums for less than a couple of months.


Can you address the not long ago released interview where Magnuson said that he is happy about the reception of DT?
If you cannot say anything on that interview.
Is there an atmosphere of soul searching in the office?
Game is at 46% and still going down which is obviously not what ANYONE wanted.
Iam asking because I still want to believe DT will pull its pants up (and soon!) so I can no life it as I did with vermintides


This 100 times. But he is not missing anything. He is just doing the only thing he can. I’m sure he would be happy to tell us the news we want to hear. But it’s not in his hand.

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