It's over

150 people working on this product and the output of a whole month is… nada.

Not a single hotfix, improvement or even a written update. In a “live service” game lmao

Fatshark took our money, gave us an unfinished shell of a game and stopped caring.

Player counts are plummeting, reviews are mostly negative and people are at a point where they don’t even want this game to succeed anymore.

I know I haven’t played in weeks. I’m only still here because I was watching the shitshow, waiting for an apology, or at least acknowledgement of the situation, or literally anything.

Not sure if it was greed, laziness, incompetence or all of the above, but it’s over. I’m done waiting. Good luck guys.


… and see you tomorrow !


Check back in like 6 months.


Yeah, as stated in another post: Problems, issues anything really, is fine. But you have to communicate. Releasing an unfinished, faulty product, and completely stop to communicate with your player base: Disrespectful. This game has SO MUCH potential, but I fear those in charge are in the way.




Yeah I feel you. Haven’t logged into the game in a couple weeks. Haven’t even watched the shot browser app. Check the forums from time to time to see if maybe… but never.

If steam gave refunds after a month fat shark would be bankrupt.


Sorry to break it to you, but few weeks time in the gaming dev terms, especially for a game like Darktide, is nothing. Also see you tomorrow? :joy:

It’s not a lot of time, but it is time enough to put out hotfixes and bugfixes, which hasn’t been happening.

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Except 80% of the communities complaints could be fixed in a day by typing in different numbers on the back end.

We aren’t talking a whole new tile set or anything.

Weeks is right out. Hell, most of this could be done in an hour.


I suspect most of the devs are working on the console version.


I’m pretty sure this is EXACTLY what happened with Vermintide 2’s release and it’s why I will not be financially supporting Fatshark again until they’ve proven otherwise.


How to tell someone you know nothing about software development.

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Their code is plain LUA, available and not obfuscated. While there are plenty of systemic problems with Darktide that certainly isn’t fixed in an afternoon, an abundance of broken talents and blessings are down to typos, wrong modifier called, wrong effect called etc. To suggest this wouldn’t be extremely simple to fix is just flat out wrong. Similarly, they themselves has said it is trivial to adjust crafting mats, so they could have easily fixed the plasteel problem/general stingyness of the game very easily. Yet they continue to not do so.


You seem very familiar with their code and processes. So you are submitting the source code change lists today, right? I’m sure they will be glad of the help.

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Read this, snarky boi:

Saw a few bug report threads by friendly coders pointing out stuff like this. This is the kind of sh!t an inexperienced intern could fix, yet they can’t be bothered to put out weekly, or bi-weekly, bug hotfixes because what, it’s just too much trouble ? Pushing out updates costs too much money ? Their workforce is just 100% too occupied working on their crappy console port ?
They’re worse than most indie devs…


I think it’s probably a combination of their ‘flat’ management structure, which is a great way to get very little done, and also to pulverize any accountability that a lead or team might feel for a particular problem or bug - and the fact that the VT2 team has moved back to VT2 DLC, and the rest of the team is, yes, most certainly working on Xbox and nothing else.


Valid for those specific issues, but I would bet most, more casual players don’t even realise these effects don’t work as intended. What they care about is: game content (maps, new classes), game stability, game performance and player freedom with the map selector and crafting. None of that is a simple, quick fix.

Nice self own.

Or maybe I should say

“How to tell everyone you know nothing about the issues the community is complaining about.” ?

I know jack squat about programing. I know how to turn on my computer. I know the mouse makes the pointer move. That’s it. The rest is Black Magic to me.
But I’ve been working since I was 15. And after 31 years I know this much, “I’m a programmer” is a weak excuse for work not getting done. “Computer programming is hard, you wouldn’t understand.” Bullsht. You paid to go to school to get a degree. You got a job for that position. Either you can do your job, or you need a new career. And using programming vocabulary doesn’t “win” the discussion or convince me of anything. So y’all can argue about whether the programmers job is difficult or not. I don’t care. I do care that the job didn’t get done. And what did get done was terrible. Any other career and you’re fcking fired. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.

Note: I don’t know why half my post is italicized and I don’t know how to fix it.