Darktide should be less than 10% positive on steam

And this is the level of blind toxicity that just makes me sad to look at.
If DT removed all progression sh-t and just made it L4D style (hop in, find weapons on the ground, progress)
It would be 85%+ on steam

Game is good, everything else is sh-t. And once FS adds this patch AND THEY ALSO MUST ADD shared resources and weapons
(optimalisation is a given ofc)
Then the game can finally start to rise

NMS covered multiplayer LOGO ON PRINTED copies of the game. Just so we are clear on the difference between DT and NMS

I agree about that. Would it keep people playing? not sure. But, maybe.
But, there’s no need to make DT a L4D you could just imagine a system where you craft your weapon with materials and add accessories that cost material.
And stats would be the outcome of the accessories you had chosen. Considering you would have to choose what you would put on the gun, it would permit to create any weapon configuration, would give a control for the player on the crafting of a weapon and would keep a system where you have to play missions to get materials.
Sadly, that was not their choice. They decided to put again something similar as VT2, so, with part of RNG.

This game is literally broken in a lot of ways, I have reported many serious bugs which are still not fixed months after release. Also there is the awful game design decisions, like the insane grind, rng sh-t, awful crafting system. There is also the terrible optimization. The experimental beta is stable for me, but the official version crashes constantly. I stopped playing it recently because it is just too frustrating.

Yet you are all still here, 3 months on.

but I am not bothering to play it lol


You acting like a guy who complains about his ex-wife, but cannot move on. I’m really putting this as politely as possible. Move on.

We’re gonna get back together! She said she loves me, she just needs space! You wouldn’t understand, I enjoy holding her coat while she dances at the club with other guys!

:joy: thank you Ghutts. I’m sure Grave and few others can “fix her”.

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Because as stated the gameplay is REALLY good (and playing with a friend who recently got it who I haven’t been able to play a game with for months helps) and a lot of work has been put into it the art, dialog, and the game part of the fing game!

The systems around the gameplay is fixable but it requires Fat Shark to actually acknowledge it.

Like yeah I ran a weeks worth of missions in one night….but I had to run a weeks worth of missions in one night because the rng clown shoes nature of Sire Milk’s store and how absolutely random loot is I know I would never see this item again.

It’s not even a perfect weapon but it hits every break point and it rolled with 2 blessings that are exceptionally rare to get together. I could have bought it outright, again, but instead I had to run a weeks worth of dailies in one night because FOMO mechanics.

I imagine the only reason people give this much of a dam is because gameplay is that good, if the gameplay was bad most people would have wrote it off in the first week and not bothered caring enough to post.

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Luck?? that’s not something that normal player should expect from a game that he spends time to play. The most important thing is that if more people will not say anything about it it will only show that “they” can exploit us[players] more.

I crafted like ~100 different [350+statlines]axes on sharpshooter & zealot & just 4-5 got the blessings that I seen as usable or compatible with what I wanted to use the weapon for synergy with what i take on a ranged weapon , difficulty that I play & modifiers.
I really dont want to write about my experience with other weapons especially catachan daggers , bull clevers or psyker power sword [ I resigned on crafting that one… to rare to find in shop not to mention with at least decent statline]^

… also so many skills or blessings didn’t work or is so unclear to what they really do on first sight or how impactful it will be in real game[meat grinder is also really poor designed not only it dont give all enemy types from start = you nead to level up as a new player to unlock enemy types that you will encounter normally even on first run on new character… obvious exploit of play time for new players & you nead to do it on each new character slot].

Crafting[as well selling weapons>> scraping] , equipment[really it so poor in choice not to say balancing & even stalines look like they were tested only to work to malice max… just what you expect from incompetent people testing a game…damn even giving it to kids & asking them to say what they think would be better than what you done] & how the inventory works now & standard shop as whole should be thrown to garbage.

As now I play DT only to get back my “money worth” & w8 for any sight of improvements… giving like maybe fev months[3-4] more & then if it still like this gona dump it in my “hide game” in steam library.

Really was expecting more professional approach from FS after so many years on the market.

P.s.yeah I also have a proper equipment & weapons on all my characters but what it mean? That I was lucky after ~500 hours!? of playing as “casual player”?

“Ohh you got my pizza! w8 where is the sauce? ahh you will deliver it after 2-4 month! ok I will w8 & my pizza will w8 as it dont taste so good without it! THX! & have some change! for FASTER DELIVERY!!”
… puting it short : NO & where the hell did you get idea that it’s ok. Your opinion is your & democracy said your in minority = you opinion is worth nothing. It’s worth something only if you are on the winning side & that is sad thing about “democracy”./

LUCK??!.. I dont give a damn about luck! In games & in RL… I work hard to get what I want from start to end here & there. If I would depend on luck in my life as a whole then I would probably never ended any school & didn’t get any decent job etc.
FS are you LUCKY or NO? Ohh you rolled so bad at start… keep playing more… “bet more players” on next roll of the “dice” & if you roll bad… it’s obviously “bad luck” not that you didn’t do your part of the “work” as you should do from the start.

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nah I am waiting for a game update, you cannot tell me what to do, good luck with telling random people on the internet what to do

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You have crafted 100 combat axe and got none with one blessing useful? (with the crafting system you need only ONE blessing)

Considering there is 9 blessings, you surely wants 2 blessings.
So, it means that there’s, for the first consecrate:
1 / 9 x 100 = 11,11% chances to get one blessing you want.
As you want 2 blessings, you have 22,22% chances to get what you want at the first consecrate.

Now, we imagine you have not found what you wanted, so there’s yet 8 possible blessings.
1 / 8 x 100 = 12,5%
So now, you have 25% chances to get one blessing you want.

Seriously, you are telling me that, in 100 combat axes, you did not find ONE with ONE blessing that you want? Honestly, this is not possible.
Sorry, but I cannot believe you on this… I can understand your frustration, but at least be honest.

Total chances to get one blessing from both rolls is 36%.
With ten rolls you have 0.46% to not find one of the blessing you want.
With 100, I cannot read the result 5.1950126356988E-22%

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First of all. Your math is wrong as the chances for blessings are lower for some of them & higher for other it’s not like you get 1 in 9 chance for one as for the “better” ones you get less than 1/9 chance & that’s not considering that those blessings have also levels from 0-4[5 levels].

Second… most people would probably consider some of those axes that i dumped in my inventory after making them master crafted or at least munitorum as really good with base stats above 360+ or max rolls or almost max in the most important parts & YES they’re usable & will probably perform good but what about it? Like getting Limbsplitter[the power for 1st hit in combo but -power on the rest of attacks if you dont restart it] on 380 stat melee weapon.

Considering time to get 1 of those in shop or any other means & then time spend on playing to get materials to upgrade it & get a bad roll… dont tell me it’s not f_up?

I got really good weapons right now but what I was writing was mostly about the crafting system & shop system that is wrong from the start.You really don’t see it? Be a person who is content with half ass results but I am not like that.

Edit :

I despise people like you that dont know about what they talk & still think that they know.
People who tend to be mediocre & want others to be alike & think alike=be a consumer that is happy with anything that he get’s. You dont see this but because of small things the bigger ones start to happen. I think it’s pointless to elaborate more about this as a whole as you dont look at big picture & can focus only on the small part of it & your happy thinking that you are right.
Ehh what will be in 10 years from now & what in 50… >> Idiocracy (2006) - IMDb
Lets play another game about… the same thing that is played in the movie in that movie above & “be happy” :smiley:

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Sorry, but you react to a post I did that was talking about the next patch and why I think that the game deserves more than 10% and why I don’t think it is the RNG that explain the current score on steam.
As in the next patch you will be able to replace one blessing, I will put back a thumb up. Even if actually my review is negative, I don’t think that the game deserves to go down to 10% as the OP suggests.
Also, I disagree that the recent negative reviews are the consequence of the RNG.

I see your post, and I don’t see that you said me that you had 100 combat axe without 1 blessing useful.
So I conclude that you have found such axe or even several (probability calculator says that you had 5.1950126356988E-22% chances to never get one blessing you wanted, so it is nearly impossible).
EDIT: yes I have read the part where you say you have found axes “good” but you point that you did not get the 2 blessings wanted… guess what… that was not my post.
So you wanted just to complain. The fact is you did not read and wanted just to say I am wrong.

From what I ve read, strong bad points are:

  • game is unfinished (crafting not here)
  • game lacks of content
  • FS does not communicate and has not fulfilled its promises

And really few reviews that quote RNG…
This makes me wonder how Steam show the reviews to its users…

^ Here what I have noted

I told it a long time ago… I wait crafting. Once we get it, I will change my review for a thumb up.

^ Here I explain why I have put a thumb down in steam, and what I wait to reverse it to positive.
Following, why I wanted the crafting that will come.

That’s exactly why I wanted crafting…

^ The conclusion. But before I explain why I wanted crafting and how it can be useful. In other words, the fact that getting only one good blessing on a weapon will now permit to get a good weapon.
Actually, we have 0.99% chances to get both blessings we want on a weapon (for a combat axe). After the patch we will get 36% (as we can choose one of the blessings). This is a good reason for me to think that I can live with the new system… even if yes… this is not taking in consideration tiers. But a tier 1 is rare (so is a T4). T2 or T3 can happen indifferently. This means I can get what I want easily and can hope to ameliorate it.

So, you expose me that I am wrong… however your post seems to consider the actual situation without what will come… let’s say it differently… you did not read what I wrote but want me to call an idiot?

As you have difficulties to read, I quote you what I wrote by the past. Sure, you have to accept that people can think differently of you.
I accept that several people are upset. My point, is that my opinion is that the OP is wrong. But as always, when we express a different opinion, several come to try to accuse of being from FS side like if we were traitors. But, if we don’t do it, people like you will claim that everybody agree that all is bad in this game.
So, just cause you seem to not read what I have written (I already pointed in THIS thread to one of these posts), here some reading:

If it was that bad, you wouldn’t even have created this thread.

The fact that it’s not that bad – that the core gameplay is both fun and deep – is why it deserves to be considerably higher than it is (in spite of major missing features preventing me from actually recommending it to friends for now).

im not playing it… its that bad.

reading the simps hate on this post makes me happy.

Game literally got an amazing update that makes it the best game ever created.
I don’t understand what you are on about.

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