Fatshark needs to acknowledge the main issue with this game

There is no endgame. Acquiring new items by logging in to run to the shop and logging off again feels horrible. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone but fatshark it seems.

Why won’t they say something about this? They openly talk about all the other issues like optimization and “For the Emperor!”-Buttons, but not this huge elephant in the room?

Not a single word about this gives me a really bad feeling.

Simply finalizing the crafting system over the next few weeks won’t solve this problem. So what if I can reroll blessings now? I still have to go shopping every hour. Why would I play a mission for a low chance of an emperors blessing with an even lower chance of actually getting an Item I need? It’s just not worth it.

Can you guys please at least say if this is on you radar of if you plan on keeping the system as it is?

Thank you


I would say the endgame here is the same as in Vermintide.
Replaying and successfully completing the most fun challenges the game has to offer, with different builds.
I don’t really see why you can’t do this here in Darktide too.


Because it has about four times less content without the ability to actually craft your gear into a specific build?


I didn’t care that much about my builds in Vermintide, i just avoided stuff that felt really bad and ejoyed the stuff that was fun for me so i can’t argue about that.

About the content, I do expect them to add more content in the future. More classes, levels, weapons, mission modifiers, enemys. If the content we have right now is all we ever get i understand your concerns.


Yeah, this kinda annoys me, but it will get better when the rest of the crafting stuff is added. Right now the issue is that you can’t tailor anything. Once we can do that the gear chase will begin.

The problem is that the crafting system as planned out by FS won’t let you do that, though. In any case not without needing to get lucky with time-limited RNG first.


No it won’t. Where do you think you will get the base item you need so that you can tailor it? Surely not from running Damnation Missions.

That’s right, you will still run to the shop every hour.


Yes, you will still need to get the item from the RNG shop first and this is still a big deal. Though, once you have it and start putting resources into it you’re not going to be in a hurry to replace it.

I should’ve worded it differently. I wasn’t meaning to say that adding the rest of the crafting system will fix everything. I meant that being able to tailor weapons will give people something to aim for.

They are all new players that are hopping into this game thinking this is something like they are used from other games. Same as in the other tide titles 90% of them will be gone within a few weeks max months to never return. Left will be that core player base that has been around since end times or vermintide 2. Obviously each title will have some gain in core players, but a lot of the complaints and stupid outcries over the last weeks come from players that are clueless and gone soon, so whatever.


Just look at the over time player count graphs for vt1&2. The same trend will happen for dt. Its a niche game. Simple as that. You can cope around as much as you want to. The other games did fine and were both supported for many years.

No it’s not as the rest of the crafting stuff that is getting added is just the ability to reroll a single perk and if we’re LUCKY we may actually get to exchange both blessings, but I have this sneaky suspecion that uhm, we’ll only get to replace a single one.

  • Meaning if you get 2 perks that are detrimental to your build which is currently a 99.75% chance, it is bricked not to mention the absolute non-existing weapons with a base rating of 360+, let alone one you want.

People, stop thinking the crafting system is going to be the saving grace. It is not. It only serves to offset the rng by miniscule amounts. Nothing that is even remotely going to affect anything.


Its forum members.

I’m not talking about it. Don’t speak for me review bomb kiddie.

I play games for the challenge. Fatshark also already mentioned many times about the many additions they will be making to the game which you seem to be clueless about.

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Really? Which addition will make it more worthwile to play missions on higher difficulties instead of checking the shop every hour?


I’d point out the cumulative monthly averages (look at it like the monthly low points or baseline) for similarly niche horde shooters like Payday 2 (an ancient game by gamer standards) and Deep Rock Galactic has generally continued to rise over the course of development.

My if worry with the crafting system is that suppose I want to get a max level blessing on a weapon. How many times do I have to find other weapons with that blessing in order extract and combine the blessings? What about niche blessings like “deflector” on the force sword. To get that maxed I might have to find 5 or 6 or more force swords with blessings to combine them all? I’ve played for 50 hours on Psyker and I’ve found two swords with defector.

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And what about red or veteran items?

We have white/gray, green, blue, and orange just like vermintide 2,will red items be introduced and if so how?

Through upgrading orange?


Aside from the fact that there are basically no different builds, and the hardest content isnt difficult.


It’s the same as all the tide games. Playing the game.

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Yea which is other words for were playing an alpha. I understand that you can be upset about them releasing an unfinished game. But that also invalidates a lot of the criticism. People are treating this as if it was a finished game. The way its labeled and market doesnt change the reality of things. His point is not that ‘there is no endgame’ because balance is non existent. Its because he thinks there has to be a literal game at the end that you only reach then. Like a fkcing raid in an mmo. Its a hack and slay. Where the main motivation has always been killing sht for the sake of it because they really nailed that. There is nothing else required.