Item shop - any official statement I missed?

Has there been any official statement from Fatshark about the weapon shop and how it functions?

I have seen nothing but negative comments from the community about the shop and its limited choice one-hour rotation of double RNG options but I haven’t seen anything myself from the devs about them acknowledging this or even better stating they are looking at changing it

If we ignore the bugs and crashes for a moment, it is for me by far the worst aspect of the game. I am lucky that I can run the game all day while I am at work and just check the shop every hour before I play in the evening. The vast majority of people and all of my friends are not able to do this and so their weapons are significantly worse than mine


I doubt there will be an official statement to anything posted here. Atleast I’ve never seen one, if specific devs or community managers were not tagged… The forums are sadly a one way communication system where you can only hope that the right person would read it and also cares about it. :frowning:

well, i wouldn’t expect a change soon. they are hands deep in other stuff and i’d think that QoL features have a lower priority right now than crashes etc.

for myself the gameplay itself, the visuals and athmosphere is just right. all the rest, like progression, gearing, balance etc is severely lacking. but since they commited to the release date tomorrow they probably focus on people being able to play and roll out the rest over the next few months. not really satisfying, but that’s how it’ll most likely be.

The basic sentiment I could gather from assorted discord posts is something along the lines of “It is what it is, you might actually like it in the released version otherwise we’re looking at it. No certain dates yet. Sometime in the future.”

Take it with a grain of salt as this is the standard reply we get for pretty much anything that would really need adressing right away (RNG shop, crafting, map selection, etc. etc.).
Given Fatsharks previous inability to adhere to timelines, roadmaps and dates in general it does make sense for them to be as vague as possible. There’s only so many times you can make a fool out of yourself.

Crafting to be fully rolled out through December allegedly. No question on RNG. Seems it’s the dev’s vision for people to grind.