(Rant) Can Melk cool it with the flipping axes?

I have once again had my hopes dashed as looking at Melks shop and finding it is filled with axes. 5 of the 8 slots are non chain axes. Is Melk or Fat shark trying to force their axe fetish on us? Can their be some sort of system that diversifies the options in the shop? If the game is going to be RNG dependent then can it be a bit more lenient with its systems or is my loading up the game once a day for 5 minutes looking at the shop more important than me actually playing and enjoying the game? I would log in and play the game for multiple hours if the systems were more like Vermintide. Yeah the chests and coffers were RNG dependent but I could earn them with playtime, the more games I played the more loot I got. The RNG in this game is the exact opposite. RNG is only once every 24 hours, not dependent on what else I do in game, and also the weapons themselves. Find the weapon I want but the stats are shite, welp guess I’m waiting again. So I’m almost done with actually playing the game, both with mindset and “progression wise”. I was lucky on my ogryn, have the weapons and curios I need almost max level. Have enough…tokens for Melk’s shop on my zealot, just need him to stop jamming axes in my face. Just need one more set of weeklies on my veteran before I can just pull that once a day slot machine that is the shop. Psyker? Just like Fatshark I’ve forgotten about/gave up on psyker.

Look, the gameplay is fine. It’s good. Just needs a few tweaks and it goes from great to amazing, its the surrounding systems around the gameplay that suck. I’ve already commented and written posts about how the systems could be changed. It’s grindy, unfulfilling, frustrating, and incomplete. Had to remind myself of that last one. Hopefully Fatshark gets that kick in the butt that makes them realize the systems in game are detrimental to the overall lifespan of the game. I think the big thing is just letting us know what’s going on behind the screen, both in game for difficulties, end of game gifts, loot, and also what’s going on in the dev room.

I know no one at Fatshark is going to read this, and maybe like 4 other people. Just had to write about the frustrations of this crap. Wouldn’t have written it if Melk didn’t have an axe fetish.

Like seriously, 5 flipping axes?

This is what happens when you have 500 versions of each weapon, instead of having one good version of each, like we had on previous games.

I don’t even bother anymore, I simply don’t want to go through 9 one-handed axes to find one that I like, that’s IF I happen to like one of them, that’s 9 times I have to go through the store RNG to have a chance to get the actual axe, then deal with the RNG of the stats for it to have at least serviceable rolls.

Give me a one-handed axe and be done with it, we didn’t need 54 versions of the dagger in VT2, or 12 versions of a one-handed hammer.

EDIT: I was just thinking, they tell you they don’t want to clutter the premium store with more than 3 pages because it’d be confusing. But the weapon system is a severe clusterf*ck of MKs and similar names.

Funny how that works.


I also find it annoying that people argue in favour of the premium store telling me that “the people who make the skins are not the same people who make the game systems”, meanwhile they skimped out on making models for half the weapons in the game and just slapped a “MK” on them.

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