Sire Melk's pathetic weapons

The weapons in Sire Melk’s shop are very sad and pathetic. They don’t seem to scale properly against the player’s own weapons or level. Not to mention how difficult and annoying the weekly challenges are to earn enough tokens to purchase these “weapons” in the first place. Also the random weapons and trinkets are not worth 200 tokens especially with the amount of white tier items it makes. These are also garbage and are inferior to the items bought through the normal store. Fatshark needs to make Sire Melk’s known weapons worth the 1-2 week grind or reduce their prices and increase the quality and stats of the random weapons and trinkets to make them worth the gamble. Maybe Fatshark can get their act together and make the game worth playing again. Steam Community :: Screenshot :: what is this filth in Sire Melk's shop. Get it fixed Fatshark


Melk’s shop has the same RNG as the Armory, you can find 380 power weapons there. I routinely see 360+. There’s also a good chance of finding a curio actually worth using here, since any decent curio won’t be ruined by upgrading potentially. Its the trust Melk’s judgment function that is completely useless, if it could be a way to generate 360+ power white weapons and 75+ curios it might be OK. Also the weekly quests when you aren’t allowed to reroll them for whatever reason. Let me convert my useless dockets into marks for something to do. But it won’t even reroll most times past 3.

It’s just another source of potential gear for you. Unlike the Vermintide chests, at you least you have wider choice of your potential rewards. The downside: you need to earn seperate currancy to buy anything, the base weapon stats are still heavily affected by RNG. Upside: gear is always higher rarity level and it is guranteed to have high quality blessings. In short I would buy gear there only if the base stats are decent enough and the blessings are what you are really after. Otherwise you are wasting your tokens.

Melk’s shop is my daily disappointment. I’ve needed just any ~500 ilvl grenadier gauntlet with +4 rending blessing for 3 weeks, and he never fails to disappoint. Imagine if I had a high standard for what I want from him? I may not even check him if that was the case, and the weeklies would go with it.

Melk is useless because he has the same RNG as the regular store. His item selection is so small and the upper/lower bounds of RNG are so far apart that he has trouble just generating a 350 item if you’re already maxed at 380. I’ve read that he is also deliberately limited from generating weapons with high tier blessings, which since we can’t reroll blessings yet makes his items even more inferior.