Tokens and mysterious stuff!

I spent a little more than 6000 tokens to buy some mysterious stuff (200 each weapon) in 2 sessions and I only had crap. So what about your rng system? If its really rng, I would have a chance, I presume, to win some great weapons.
I ask for a refund as it’s certainly not real rng, like normal shop where I, more than rarely, find good gear score stuff.

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Melk’s Mystery Acquisitions is a joke and a waste of tokens. If they at least let you pick the specific item you were going to get a random roll of, it might start to be worth it.


I agree! And items in token shop are always under 340 gs (stats part)…verified every time on 3 chrs.

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Why do developers put traps like this into the game?

The mystery acquisitions are not just bad, they are a trap to get you to waste the hardest to earn currency in the game on absolute garbage


I agree. In other conditions or times, they would be lynched on public place for that or considered as heretics!

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The tokens are pretty much pointless right now. Hold on to them until Fat Shark redoes the Requisitorium to actually have stuff you want to work for.

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Yes, thats’ why I require a refund of my 6000+ tokens.^^
I will never try this rng system again till that’s fixed.

he does on the same RNG as normal, but with the headache of garbage blessings when you upgrade gone. Melk is only worth it for the very rare times he has a good curio or weapon. people are underrating his ability to provide something actually good since most upgraded items from the armory roll low perks and blessings. The RNG function is a trap after they nerfed it (I got a purple once in the beta, haven’t since that store update that also nerfed the armory…)

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Sure, you get to see everything on the item ahead of time, but the chance of getting the item you want with high stats, one perfect perk, and good blessings is so small that you’re just not going to see a really good item in your lifetime.

The Requisitorium isn’t going to bee worth anything until it has a real election of unique high end items. that you can work toward reliably, or sell you some way of upgrading the bar stats on your items.

Actually, an rng system for stuff should take in consideration your actual gear score (as all games in history with gear score) and that’s absolutely not the case here.

It might be, but the base range of items generated is so broad it might as well not be. Or they used averages wrongly instead of taking a median of your items. Or instead of taking after your highest base rating item.

I think a way that could be good is depending on how they do crafting and how the blessing combines work.
You instead of buying a weapon ripping the blessing off and shoving onto your good roll weapon you also get extra ways to obtain blessing.
Like pay 100 to get a random blessing
200 for range or Melee
500 for range or Melee minimum level 3.
Then stock the shop full of blessings.

Then you could also have other things like successful secondary objectives also give blessings and the higher the difficulty the higher chance for a high level random blessings.

Even if they made it rip perks and blessings from other weapons instead of the current reroll system they got I would like it.

Then weeklie shop just give you stuff to impove gear instead of just been hopefully OP gear once in a blue moon.

Got my 375 MG12 Kentrael Lasgun from Melks Daily shop. So there are definitely weapons above 340 in there.
Can’t speak for the mystery ones though.

What you said in your first paragraph explains exactly why Melk is good. The stars are even less likely to line up on a weapon you upgrade. Blessings from armory weapons are almost always tier 1-2 for their first one, like its a good 98% chance there. They very rarely get two tier 4 perks on top of that, and 90% of the time only get a T3 for going orange.

And they can roll the exact same average base rolls as the armory.

You’re kind of not understanding the levels of RNG at all it you wouldn’t actually value something that is straight across no BS a valuable weapon. Instead you must not have wasted enough craft mats on upgrading to see how its clearly a resource trap made to make us engage with the blessings pulling/enhancing and rest of the craft system they still haven’t made. Melk is your best hope for a strong weapon with higher than T2 blessings, that and the Emperor. He can also have good curios, which are also extremely unlikely to find due to RNG ruining them. Stop hating on the only decent non abusive NPC to the players.

Basing your drops off of your current gear score wouldn’t work as well in DT with how wide some of the gear ratings can range without major changes in combat effectiveness. I have some items near or over 500 Combat Rating that aren’t as good in practice as some that are around 400, give or take, due to point distribution and perk/blessing rolls.

Yea, on the regular store you can buy a weapon that then gets bricked in the upgrade process. That really sucks, but the regular store shows you three or four times more weapon than the Requisitorium and it does it every hour.

So sure, in the ideal case the perfect weapon crops up on the Requisitorium and you buy it without any nasty surprises later, but the Requisitorium rolls so few items that you could play for years before even seeing a single 380 weapon you actually use crop up there, let alone one with the right perks and blessings.

Knowing exactly what you’re buying is not useful if everything on offer is garbage.

That’s why I talk about stats gs. The first part of the weapon which is the most important. Perks are almost all useless and /or ridiculous and doesn’t even seem to work for some.

Nice but I bought 30+ mysterious weapons and best one was 344. I played more than 300 hours and I checked every day, since release, the daily shop to buy only two weaps which are not even amazing.

Just don’t waste any money on the mysterious stuff. Tried that as well and yeap… utter garbage. I’d recommend only buying from the daily offerings if they are exemplary good or have a good blessing that can be used later for crafting.

I disagree, perks and blessings are very important to a weapons function. Since their score is a flat number, a perk and a blessing can easily be rebalanced to fit the intended point value. So if “Chance to Crit While ADS” is under performing a 25 point tier, the crit chance can be boosted until it feels like it’s worth 25 points.

Modifiers for stats on the other hand, aren’t even worth 1:1 on the same weapons. A shotgun is a good example. Due to the way a shotgun functions, the Stability stat isn’t very important to it whereas Stopping Power has a drastic effect on its damage vs certain targets. So 80 points of Stability isn’t really the same effective combat value as 80 points of Stopping Power.

A lot of weapons wind up with one or more dump stats. I have a few that have near 80 values where it matters with really low dump stats that perform better than variants with higher total modifier spread due to more points being wasted in something that only offers minor combat changes.