Melk, you want me to pay nearly 3k for THAT?

This RNG bs must end ASAP, even hardcore Darktide enjoyers like myself (well over 300 hours in by now) are getting fed up with it. It simply does not work, FatShark. You thought that artificially prolonging gear progression will make people want to play your game more but no, judging by the opinions of me, my friends and the entire community it does the exact opposite; people get frustrated and leave.


welcome to melks shop, i stopped playing the game and when i was still active i got 8-10k for each 3 classes (i dont play vet). BUT never even had a curio or weapon to spend it on.

there is a reason why people leave the game faster than a burning plane atm.

He should have the more reliable RNG given the time sink

  • Remove the 80% caps on Melk gear and let him stock up on 350-450 base rating weapons so he is actually competitive with the shop (which at level 30 I am still seeing 254 base weapons!)
  • Same thing for the spam roll random stuff, give it they highest base rolls
  • let me spend 600 instead of 200 to decide which ranged/melee weapon model I want the roll for.
  • daily challenges for melk chocolate, kill 2000 heretics (takes 2 ish malice runs) Or even just a standing rewards system post L30 where you get 1 chocolate per 20 kills