So about that "massive update™"

Do we know when it’s supposed to be dropping?

Apologies if it’s actually already been stated somewhere really obviously and I just missed it, but for the life of me I can’t find any update (though admittedly, I’m also quite fried from work, so…).

Last I remember, it was supposed to come out the first week of May. Guess that part didn’t quite work, but have FatShark given an updated timeframe or are we back to “next week™”?

Hm, in hindsight, I took an awful of space to just ask for a release date estimate. My bad. Like I said, I’m rather tired from work.


The cosmetic penance update was slated for first week of may, second week is silence, third week is community update, end of may is the big content patch, @FatsharkCatfish stated as much in the last community update, that’s all the info we have right now.



My hero! Thanks dude.


I think the warhammer week is coming by the end of may? (might be wrong) but they are probably keeping it until then.

I’m guessing we will have one to two missions (on the same map core) with a special event.

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