Which galaxy brain intern sets those ridiculous cosmetics prices?

“Its simple recolors but at least its for the whole arsenal for 800 aquilas”

Eh, fine i guess.

“How about a single slightly different, literally just a shade gradient recolour, for one weapon and costing 900 aquilas??”


It’s the classic tactic to bloat the catalog and make things appear grander than they already are. Quantity over quality is the strategy here.
I mean, between all the shitty recolors maybe there’s a good looking knife and you’d be more pushed to buy that one since it looks cooler than the rest.


The thing is here its so damn lazy, the microscopic handle difference which you will never see due to the hand holding it and the slightly different color, not even a special weapon model, 900 aquilas???

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At this point, I feel like even the devs are telling us not to buy the cosmetics. Almost like a quiet cry for help in action and not in words as to keep up appearances.

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You’re mistaken. They definitely wants us to buy cosmetics. The shop was available day one with all the classic FOMO triggers and monopoly money shenanigans you’d expect. And since they expect us to buy everything they put out, why not clog the store up with awful recolors? More money, am I right?


Wait until you notice things like this:

Ignore the stats. Look at the base type of weapon.

Difference between MK 1 and MK 2?
Ahestetically different baionet. That’s it.