Cosmetic Skins - Shop

I have no problem with a shop that just sells skins and has no real gameplay impact. I work fulltime and do not have the time to grind skins, so being able to purchase such things is great in my eyes.

Each to their own but as long as it stays cosmetics only I have ZERO problem with the shop.

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I don’t mind it for cosmetics at all for real money.
I just wish I could buy exact Aquila amounts for the cosmetics I want instead of packs that leave me with extra.


Then you totally miss the point of everyone else complaining. Take a breath and THINK:

  1. Nobody said ANYTHING against cosmetics. Many of us bought them in V2 withou problem.
  2. The issue is PREDATORY and SCUMMY tactics that their store now uses to force you to overpay for product and making sure you HAVE to BUY IT NOW!

How they do that? But using two scummy tactics from mobile games:

  1. Premium packs do not allow you to buy the EXACT amount of aquillas you need for purchase. For example outfit pack costs 2400. But you can only buy pack of 2100 + 500 so you have 200 left, so you feel like you are wasting money, so you will buy some more, but then you have left overs again, so you feel you wasted money so you will buy some again.

  2. Using TIMER to make sure you feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to force you to buy now in fear of missing it forever or for a long time because you didn’t get it when it was HOT! Who knows when that outfit/skin will come back, no?

That’s why we complain.

For me they could just make each of class outfit 12 USD and I would buy all 4 of them today. Really. But not like that.


Damn stright