Love the game but HATE the cash shop

As of this writing i have 391 hours logged in Darktide. I played Vermintide 2 for almost 2k. I love your games Fatshark and like spending my money to support you guys.

I really hate your pricing structure in the Darktide cash shop. You still haven’t added a 100 aquila bundle like you said would happen. You’re also charging far too much. You need to bundle more options and outright lower the prices on these small individual pieces. It definitely feels exploitative and like a free to play mobile experience in that cash shop. Stop it. :raised_hand:


I think the game plays like a free to play title aswell. People would probably be alot less mad if it was f2p.


I do not mind there being a cash shop for skins.
If the game was good, i would buy the skins that i like.

However, i do mind the payment and pricing of the cash shop being like in a predatory mobile game.
I also mind that the entire system of gear acquisition seems to be designed around maximizing the profit from the cash shop instead of being designed to make for a nice experience or generally a good game.

If the game had a solid core but came with a few stability issues, bugs, imbalances and did not include all content yet, i would not mind and would gladly buy skins or DLC.
But with all the important systems in Darktide (outside of the in mission gameplay itself) being purposely designed in such an anti player way, with the obvious intend to boost cosmetic sales and keep players logging in (to check the store, not to actually play), i will not spend any more money on this game and hope that most other people don‘t either, until these systems are changed entirely.


To be fair I think it’s kind of the community’s fault for not drawing the line at vermintide 2’s premium cosmetics.

so ignore it

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