Fatshark, don’t fall to the Heretics! Cash shop changes

Please please I am begging you Fatshark, don’t fall to the heretics and make your cash shop back to actual price tags or sell us the exact amount of premium currency for your bundle and remove timer for premium cosmetic stuff too. We have to shoot you, if you guys become heretics…


Yeah…so they lost some of my respect with this. Premium currencies, selling tokens in amounts which do NOT directly translate into the amount required you would need to buy something, abuse of the fear of missing out (FOMO). These are all manipulative psychological tricks, well documented and understood these days by anyone who bothers to look this up.

I cannot remember if I bought anything in the V2 cosmetic shop. I will definitely not buy anything in Darktide as the things stand atm.

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Yeah, this is insanely predatory. I’ve been defending a lot of what has been happening through the BETAs, but this made me loose so much respect. I buy skins occasionally, I think it’s an ok way for companies to get extra money when it’s done right. I bought all the DLC in Vermintide 2, except for one class cosmetic upgrade (can’t be arsed to level Saltzpyre), and a couple of the extra cosmetic skins. I even bought a cosmetic skin pack in Deep Rock Galactic, even though I’ve only played it for 20 hours, because they seem like a great company, and their monetization model is great. I bought Imperial Edition for Darktide, because I liked how it was announced that new maps would be free and only cosmetics would need to be bought (IIRC), so I was actually planning to buy a lot more skins than I did in Vermintide 2, to spend a similar amount of money on the further development on the game. But with the prices of the skins being like 50% higher than Vermintide 2 (which was already too high IMO), requiring indirect purchasing so you end up with leftover change encouraging you to buy more, and FOMO getting people to buy things they don’t really want that much, I really dont want to support this at all… Also, I noticed most of the skins in the shop now are really uninteresting, I wonder if they are saving all the good skins until people have spent their free aquilas from the Imperial Edition…