A Video About Darktide's Cash Shop

It covers most of the things we’ve been discussing as a community for the past several weeks.


As long as their Chinese shareholder Overlords are happy, I gues


im still mad at myself for buying a few things in the first cosmetic shop. i dont hate what i got but i meant it as a little tip to show how much i was enjoying the game. it was fun while leveling my first couple classes. if i had waited 2-3 more days i wouldnt have gotten anything. but that shop timer scam they ran got me. the concept that i could get something from launch week that might not show up again for a long while intrigued me. then the timer hit 0 and the shop didnt switch over for like another week lol. F me i guess.


This is why a lot of people told everyone not to buy anything. As it’d reward such behaviour. Yet we got downvoted to hell and back.


Watched it, its fair enough.

Refuse to buy anything at all from the cash shop personally. I think those items should be part of the base game


If the prices were comparable to VT2 cosmetics, I would have bought all of them, but it just seems like the value isn’t there anymore… I used to be able to get 4 outfits for what DT charges for one.

I’m not opposed to the buying cosmetics in general to fund more content for the game, but feel that they’ve priced themselves out of what I’m comfortable spending.

I also mistakenly bought an entire bundle when I meant to just buy one piece. As a rule, I never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence, and would chalk this up to bad UI design rather than an intentional means to mislead players.

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I have 2500 units of funny money left from the imperial edition. I haven’t bought anything yet out of principle.


I think every halfway rational thinking person has already recognized the problems mentioned in the video. But I don’t have the feeling that any of this plays a big role for the majority of players. While I haven’t touched the game in a few days, before that I hardly had a match - actually none - where at least 1 person didn’t carry real money cosmetics. I also still have my 2500 Aquilas from the Imperial Edition (and I regret even that purchase right now), but I don’t think it makes much difference. Still, it’s nice to see that there are people who put their principles above monetary satisfaction of temporary needs. Unfortunately, the game has so many areas of concern that even if FatShark changed something about the store, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. I for one am putting Darktide on hold for now. FatShark has managed to bring me to a point of not only disappointment because the release didn’t meet my expectations, but shame for the company whose games I’ve loved for years and spent thousands of hours playing.


I find the whole extra monetization so funny. Its not like they didnt do it on purpose. It doesnt even take a high school education to understand it was predatory and on purpose.

Then by the time “they fix it” after having “listened” to the community… they will have made the money they wanted to make.

Its such a disgusting behaviour.


I dunno. I have a high-school diploma and I find it much more believable that this is a bug, but sure, find malice here if you prefer.

The game is not finished and should not have shipped. I’m guessing they had to for fiscal reasons, but that doesn’t excuse anything really. We don’t even have crafting in the game.

And yet you still paid 20$ more for the imperial edition, so FS still has your money, so what do they care?

Watching the video, it looks like the dude has spent at least 100+ USD on the cosmetic shop. Making him part of the problem.

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I’ve been saying since release that I’d probably be way more inclined to spend money on cosmetics if you could also earn premium bucks through gameplay. I could easily see myself dropping dollars left and right to fill out the extra couple hundred aquilas I need for a hat or whatever when I get tired of grinding for it.

It costs something like half the price of the full game to get enough aquilas for two outfits iirc, which is ridiculous to the point I almost find it insulting. I wouldn’t buy that if the game were in a good state.

I bought that edition because I was planning on spending a lot of time with the game and already have by this point. I actually bought cosmetics in VT2 because they looked good + I was playing that for 1000+ hours. My gripe with them here is that they’re actual trash. Like a head bandaid is $8 or whatever it works out to be? There’s less than nothing here. Weapon skins are more ugly camo patterns, like can they not make master crafted skins or something with prestige? And nothing is anywhere close to the value point of a hat/outfit for VT2 either so there’s even less motivation to buy. At some point I hope they make a rebreather for Veteran and I’ll just spend my Aquillas on that, so the whole gang can have rebreathers. Those fit the setting at least, too bad we can’t have anything appealing ever. Maybe its like the ugly women faces and another ‘mission accomplished’ for Hedge. Motivate people not to spend money because everything is ugly.