You guys are real hilarious sometimes

"So what do you want to do for this cosmetic?

“Hmm, i figure we just re-color it, slap on a bandanna and some goggles, triple the price and call it a day”


Wow this is actually incredibly scummy from FS, I don’t know if I’ll have any goodwill for them left by the time that the 2nd year anniversary rolls around.


i mean i like my drip like most others, but those prices are ridiculous.

by now i can get real mcfarlane figures for the price of a few pixels and even games on steam sale cost less.

so first time since release im glad i went shopping for something else cause even i as a hardcore fan spending couple hundreds on figures alone last month dont see any value in it…

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Hey man they also made the camo pattern worse. Please understand it is hard to make the game.

Edit: apparently this Ogryn hat removes your hair lmao no effort


This is the one of the big reasons why the shop is FOMO/rotating. It is to hide just how many of the skins are blatantly re-used. There are tiny variations in color, sometimes a belt added or removed here or there, but for the most part, most of the cosmetics are regurgitated several times.


if i reach negative hundred do i just continue?

someone more dedicated than i’am should make a memorial on all the skins with their dates, and reused ones at this point


Recolors are just ridiculous. If they want to keep FOMO then whatever but once a cosmetic we like gets rotated in we should have the option to pick whatever color and camo pattern we want. That’s besides the point though, triple the price is absolutely inexcusable


Why would I spend that kind of money for a digital item? One day Fatshark will pull the plug on the servers and puff its all gone.

I feel the subject of cosmetics would be far less controversial for Fatshark if those were more reasonably priced. I suspect that would also mean more sales for them in the long run.


But he has goggles and a scarf

All this seems terribly insulting and dishonest towards us. There is no other way to describe it. You should include this in your reports, @FatsharkCatfish. Fatshark should be careful not to sink to the levels of EA, Nintendo and company. And if you are truly honest, you should remove this insult from the store immediately.

(Another thread where this is discussed.)


we are not the target audience for their products anymore. they choose to go whaling


I just redirect any anger I feel at the fools who buy skins and support the practice.

It’s still 1995 in my mind and I tell myself I’m eventually unlocking this if I beat the boss enough times



not even a scarf, a measly gaiter that don’t even cover my baldspot

I frakkin’ KNEW they were gonna pull crap like this, it’s why I didn’t like the idea of a bi-weekly rotation, it allows for them to do this kinda shady shite!

Thankfully someone’s keeping tabs on that… (I’m an idiot and would absolutely forget, so I’m susceptible to this kinda crap).


I knew the ogryns were a hardy race, but short sleeves during a valhallan winter?

Also, converting what looks to be desert gear into snow gear by adding a bandanna and snow goggles is kinda funny.

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floating shoulderpads again xD


Here is what I want. Here is how to make it right. Here is how to create a system that incorporates what people have already purchased and to allow you to sell packs like this well.

You e obviously created textures and you’ve gone through all the trouble of mapping them across models.

Allow any purchased model to be combined with any texture that was purchased alongside of it.

This way people buying them item are getting both the texture and the model.

It will incentivize people to buy items they may not have been interested in due to not being able to make their character match AND it allows you to do things like selling textures as well.

It is such an easy win that it hurts.


Tagged you because it’s such an amazing idea I feel it’s worthy of tagging.

Your customer base isn’t afraid to spend money, but they want to feel like there is value in doing so.

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Wow I haven’t spent much at the mtx shop and the drama surrounding it hasn’t meant much to me but this really does kark my behind!

It was immeasurably complex to recolor, AND add a bandanna + goggles (probably ripped from another pack).

Thus the tripling in value is justified.



Thats one reason I was with giving the PC players the xbox aquilas
of how kreig skins were overpriced yet poorly done.

still dont like the vet’s trench coat.