You guys are real hilarious sometimes

Catfish hasn’t posted anything since the 8th of December i taking a guess their not coming back till Feb.

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Wow, I’m surprised that this community didn’t prise this kind of pathetic greed behavior.
This community still has hope.

Im hoping for mid january, but i cant quite remember what they did for previous years in terms of vacation.

Imagine expecting people to buy something in the shop wich they hiding behind some NPC in dark corner.

You… mean the one shop that’s accessible from the character select menu? That dark corner?

Why? Cause there are some whale out there buying it instantly thus rewarding Fatshark for their minimal effort.

Is it accesible from that menu??

Didn’t know about it even after 500 hrs.

Yeah, they force folks to turn to modding to gain access to other shops from character select while the one shop they give a crap about is front and center and easily accessible in the base game.

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I just add this to the pile of quality artwork. 1400 for the hat only, and the mask glitches through the hood (it looked even worse in-game).


presentation is fairly important when hawking goods, and first impressions can be made but once…

The one bit of fairness that I’ll give: once worn with most of the torso pieces, you rarely if ever see that bit… it’s still hilarious that you can tell they’re just copy/pasting different meshes together and melding them into a single asset without even bothering to clean them up.

The skull masks with the face coverings underneath do this same exact thing; they’re just copy/pasted and sort of lined up without any care to how they appear on their actual customized character models in most cases.

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