Shop item rotation

I see some sets in the shop I would absolutely spend my money on… i.e. The Ogryn “The Boulder of Bagdoran” set… I love the juggernaut armor, but I don’t care for the camo. I noticed a timer for the shop resetting, and I am thus, afraid to buy this set, because I am afraid a different version of that set will come out with a paint scheme I like, and my money will have been wasted. Otherwise, I would buy this set despite the camo. I personally do not like this shop rotation strategy. And I feel it will just prevent people like me from making purchases. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Love me Emprah, love me Rippa, 'ate 'eretics.


how do you feel about giving fatshark money for nothing? since you’ll have six hundered credits you cant spend until you make five purchases, if there are even five things you’ll want?

Agreed. Just give us the whole damn selection and we can buy what we actually want without having to worry about the FOMO marketing scheme biting us on the ass. Id rather just buy what i want then waiting 10-100 days waiting for that perfect outfit to come out that i may or may not like better then the next one that shows up.

Besides. The whole FOMO marketing s!#t leaves a foul taste in my mouth. Especially since halo infinite and THEIR attempt on FOMO marketing… Do i even need to mention how poorly it went for them?


Lol welcome to the store and FOMO transactions.

The stupid thing is that i want to spend money. But FOMO just makes me not want to. Uncertainty makes me less likely to spend. Not more.


We’re the godamn whales here. we’re your userbase that wants to give you money to support you, but this coersion is preventing us. what are you doing Fatshark?

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