So... back to rotating the shop on fridays are we?

Are friday rotations back on the menu? Or did you just forget about the shop or are there some problems with it again?

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God they really have given up haven’t they

Can’t post a dev blog on time hell not even a week late
And can’t even update the one thing keeping the lights on time

I think farshark darktide team needs to go to rehab for their relapse for their addiction to deadline missing.


Maybe the company they’ve subcontracted to provide us the only content they regularly update is taking an ironic page out of Fatshark’s book and has no-showed them.


The company they sub contracted out to went
Yeah we’ll give you the cosmetics when you get the dev blog out on road to redemption

Damn is that name ironic especially with how fatshark are failing so hard to do the most basic of things and falling flat to meet their own expectations.


Shop has rotated in.

More recolors it looks like, some weapon skins, mostly hats that are repeats or recolors.


The ask price for those is so insane it’s beyond me.

Wait when did they raised the prices on the normal sets? I thought it was 2100 by default

Ooo I very much like the psyker chest piece. Goes fantastically with that black scarf & blue pants. :heart_eyes: Nothing else interesting for me tho.

The improved quality gave them the right to raise prices. They also took out items from bundles.

It is the Fatshark way.

Not to bring up Helldivers 2 again but the pricing on basically everything makes Darktide look like a joke.

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Outfits are basically $3 of credits. You can buy a battle pass with at least three outfits, unique weapons, orbital buffs, backdrops, and 1/5th-1/3rd its own cost in credits (with time playing the game) for $10 of credits. The battle pass never expires, so you can pick it up whenever or skip it entirely if none of its contents interest you, with zero problems. Everything rotates in every couple of days for the ‘cosmetic’ store.

You can earn these credits in-game fairly easily as well.

I bought $20 worth of the credits because this game is f*cking awesome and I wanted to reward the devs for being so fast to update and communicative. I could have fairly easily just done missions for a week or two to earn credits + medal unlocks to just buy the battle pass from in-game fun - and it would’ve been fun to play, not a sweatswamp.

Compare this to Darktide where they charge $10-$15 for an outfit, with an unearnable currency, only rotate stuff in biweekly with no indication it’ll ever come back (and it almost never does), never update, never communicate, and clearly have the bare minimum of people working on the game…yeah.

Arrowhead has taken Fatshark’s lunch money and that’s deserved. They worked for seven years, made a great (if somewhat buggy due to overloaded servers from fifty times the expected playerbase) game, and have been firing on all cylinders balancing, fixing bugs, and keeping people informed.

Frankly Fatshark deserves to be bought from Tencent by Arrowhead so their art devs and music people can make Darktide 2: The Actually Good One.


Nah, they randomly put one rotation up cheaper in the obfuscated value system of fun money. Honestly I didn’t like anything in the last (several) feature sets but the previous one mogs this. Once again a Veteran helmet with the proper camo theme is seperate (idk what else you would use white headgear with atm).

I’m amazed they don’t flag some of the decent reskins currently in the schema, they just keep adding new garbage ones…

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Only really interesting thing I’m seeing here amongst the full outfits is the vox-operator’s mouthpiece in the Vet set. Might consider buying it, but only because “For the Drip” will hopefully allow me to attach it to a Guardsman helmet. the power sword skin is nice, I guess.

And why the hel is this Jerda person wearing winter camo with short sleeves?!? :roll_eyes:

I do think it’s kinda funny that the community is on such a short fuse that this morning we all collectively went ‘dead game’ and a couple hours later they rotate the shop as expected and drop the devblog they’d delayed. In a, y’know, black comedy kinda way.

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New Zealot Chest piece makes backpack do this:

makes me think of this…


Through faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind everything is possible!

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almost worth getting if they don’t patch it out

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Quick, get the drip guy to take note of this bizzare rigging point so we can make the following servitor skulls look more proper at some point. Seriously just offset that up more and it would be perfect for the laser pointer one…

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Praise the Emperor, it works!

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